Sunday, 20 October 2013

pugna the oblivion

this post is about dota.

so the recent patch makes huge changes to the game be it heroes item, or even to the meta. I pretty much love the changes to the patch as these changes are really good to support heroes. we all know that im one of the hardcore support player that i rarely play carry. so yeah these changes are really good. id like to emphasize on my favourite hero, pugna the oblivion. pugna is a really underrated hero that almost no one like to play it because of its squishiness and no escape mechanism for the hero....also too item dependant.

the latest patch buffs pugna to make it more useable. those buffs are increase in magic amplification when enemy decrepified but less amplification when allies are decrepified compared to the previous patch. i love this buff simply because it makes pugna's decrepify superior to the ethereal blade. more damage amplification instead of the same 40%. in current patch, decrepify is inferior to ethereal blade simply because they both have the same 40% amplification but decrepify slows down ally units too while ethereal or ghost doesnt which i feel a bit unfair.

the next buff is life drain able to replenish pugna's mana when its health is full. this is a really good buff as it will causes changes to skill and item builds on pugna. being able to replenish mana like that will make pugna less dependant on item that provide mana regeneration and thus being able to focus solely on strength item to increase hp. his intel gain per level is the highest in the game which i dont have to worry for mana pool. for skill, people will definitely get life drain asap since this will provide survivability and usefulness longer in the lane without having to return to fountain. heck i dont think i will need to back to fountain after this. just by using life drain pugna can be a really good jungler to since it will be able to kill the hard camp pretty easily just by life draining the big unit to completely replenish hp and mana and then continue to blast the small and medium camp. oh yeah having a good supply of mana means that pugna will be able to blast like a madman. when added with aghanim, imagine the amount of life drained with amplification from decrepify which is buffed and ) cooldown. youll be able to life drain everything nonstop while keeping your mana and health full. aghanim will definitely be the main core item for pugna to get insta fountain. i can see pugna being a really good hero mid game after this. not to mention it has good basic damage which makes him a good harasser early game. late game? pugna is a pushing kind of hero which makes him really good early mid game. lots of carry heroes are able to counterr him late game which will make it hard to win. either win early or suffer late game difficulties.

so yeah i cant wait to try the new patch and play with pugna. its gonna be really fun

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