Tuesday, 26 July 2011

and the story...

so how did i get this cancer? no idea. genetic? maybe. food? nay. radiation? maybe. if i was one of the chernobyl descendant that make sense. found the nodule at submandibular lymph node. went to doctor to ask what is it. mostly suspect infection for lymph node swelling is related to infection but i didnt get any sickness. so i was referred to ent specialist. everything was normal. that leads to ct scan to see what the hell was that. from ct scan found a bigger nodule at thyroid area. uhoh... smells trouble.

finally i did FNAC to both nodules to find out what it was and walla cancer. so went to PPUKM and you know what happen next. i've been hospitalized for few days after the operation. yeah i feel like i was beheaded and then my head was sewn back to my body. cant even lift my head. the presence of tube poking into my chest and the IV drip makes me harder to move. that is not a problem for me. too tired to move. my throat was very dry for few days after the operation. and yes coughing, sneezing, and yawning deal a lot of pain to my neck. i felt like my throat is about to burst everytime i cough. dude, so leceh. the risk for the operation? voice hoarseness and accidental removal of parathyroid. well since my calcium level is normal i assume they didnt remove my parathyroid.

luckily my calcium level didnt drop that much and remain at normal level and i was able to eat right after the operation. so adios iv drip. now healing part? i just have to wait. oh yeah since i had thyroidectomy i've been getting weaker. oh and i will be putting on weight right now. thats the least concern right now.

right now i will just sit and do nothing. reading most of the time. consume least energy, less movement.

Friday, 22 July 2011


oh well since everybody already know bout it ill just say it out here. i didnt tell my friends so maybe most of them didnt know. i have cancer. thyroid cancer, papillary carcinoma. oh and i undergo the operation a week ago at PPUKM. my recovery is quite fast but still i have another month for full recovery. thank you to my family for taking care of me this whole time. thank you to those that gave support to me.

Sunday, 10 July 2011


jumpa lagi semua

Thursday, 7 July 2011


orang zaman sekarang xleh hidup tnpa henpon... tu bnde wajib tu.
barangsiapa yang tidak memiliki henpon maka merekalah golongan yang ketinggalan zaman.

begitulah pemikiran orang zaman sekarang. tgk henpon mahal tu kaya la tu. lagi2 iphone x pon blackberry.. siap nak pin bbm lagi tu... i xde blackberry ni. i maen blueberry je wat makan. zaman skang x maen da daun ke sabun ke jangan kata 300, 3 10sen henpon jenis tu sume da leh wat balik anjing da....

henpon aku jenis ape? ntah la aku pon x taw model ape. tp aku usha kat maxis aritu henpon aku bernilai 200 ringgit bai.. ade harga lagi tu.  x kesah la yang penting leh call orang. henpon aku mmg aku wat baling2 pon. penah sekali kawan aku cabar aku baling henpon kat die. sekali gue rejam rejam henpon gue benjol kepala die. ^^

zaman sms aku da berlalu. xde da nak bersms sampai larut tgh malam. no more henpon tergam kat tangan sampai tertido. inbox pon xde la sampai beratus2. tu zaman form 5 je. skali pakai supersaver haa sms r ko sampai pg. 1 malam nak abeskan 1000 sms free. siap contact awek2 kat kreko lagi tu. tp tu dulu...

sekalang? henpon kat mana pon aku x taw. sedo2 da kong da bateri sebab lame x pegang henpon. tu yang x balas sms ngan asek miscall je. time ngah sms pon leh terlupe nak balas. so jangan mara eh...teeheehehe

aku kalo leh nak ade PA pegangkan barang aku sume lagi2 henpon ni. bia die jawab je sume call malas aku nak bawak henpon. wat berat suar je pastu suar londeh aku gak yang susah. paling senang ko datang face to face ngan aku la xdenye ttibe x balas  ke pape r.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

cakap nak letup

ah sume orang same je. bile cakap sume nak hiperbola sume nak nampak gempak.
kalo takat nak tunjuk kerek xyah la pakai mulut je.. basi

dulu before cuti cakap nak itu nak ini la da start cuti sume menyepi.
ntah2 rancangan bbdak kelas aku nak pi india ni jadi ke x aku pon x taw...^^

Friday, 1 July 2011

ga ya ga ya

few days ago i had a second tooth extraction at hospital. did the first one at Ireland and gosh it costs me 180 euro. that's highway robbery i tell you. that's why i decided to do the second one in malaysia. I remember my first wisdom tooth is at the upper right side. i like it until it started to bare its fang. my tooth was jutting outward from the jaw. this causes the gum on the lower part to be chewed by the sharp edge of the tooth. and it lead to a hole in my gum. eventually infection causes bad breath. phew, hate that moment. so i decided to take out the tooth pronto. off you go with my 180 euro denting my bank account. damn it. problem solved. case closed.

the second one? it's the upper left side. the lower teeth are just about to grow. this one is a bit leceh as it is jutting outward more than the first one. but it didnt give me problem at all. not yet. as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, i decided that my tooth will have the same fate as his brother had. so i remove it for the greater good. bye bye my teeth. the cost? no didnt even look at the bill as my father pay for it. i was busy at the pharmacy taking medicine(what an excuse).

i remember people always say tooth extraction is painful. then i started to ponder as i already undergo twice and no tears flowing on my cheeks. no screaming. no pain at all even after the anesthetic effect wore off. well maybe i was lucky cause it didnt wear off during the operation. i bet i will be screaming like hell if it does. ^^

the left one is the first tooth. the right one (a bit smaller) is the second one