Friday, 1 July 2011

ga ya ga ya

few days ago i had a second tooth extraction at hospital. did the first one at Ireland and gosh it costs me 180 euro. that's highway robbery i tell you. that's why i decided to do the second one in malaysia. I remember my first wisdom tooth is at the upper right side. i like it until it started to bare its fang. my tooth was jutting outward from the jaw. this causes the gum on the lower part to be chewed by the sharp edge of the tooth. and it lead to a hole in my gum. eventually infection causes bad breath. phew, hate that moment. so i decided to take out the tooth pronto. off you go with my 180 euro denting my bank account. damn it. problem solved. case closed.

the second one? it's the upper left side. the lower teeth are just about to grow. this one is a bit leceh as it is jutting outward more than the first one. but it didnt give me problem at all. not yet. as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, i decided that my tooth will have the same fate as his brother had. so i remove it for the greater good. bye bye my teeth. the cost? no didnt even look at the bill as my father pay for it. i was busy at the pharmacy taking medicine(what an excuse).

i remember people always say tooth extraction is painful. then i started to ponder as i already undergo twice and no tears flowing on my cheeks. no screaming. no pain at all even after the anesthetic effect wore off. well maybe i was lucky cause it didnt wear off during the operation. i bet i will be screaming like hell if it does. ^^

the left one is the first tooth. the right one (a bit smaller) is the second one