Tuesday, 26 July 2011

and the story...

so how did i get this cancer? no idea. genetic? maybe. food? nay. radiation? maybe. if i was one of the chernobyl descendant that make sense. found the nodule at submandibular lymph node. went to doctor to ask what is it. mostly suspect infection for lymph node swelling is related to infection but i didnt get any sickness. so i was referred to ent specialist. everything was normal. that leads to ct scan to see what the hell was that. from ct scan found a bigger nodule at thyroid area. uhoh... smells trouble.

finally i did FNAC to both nodules to find out what it was and walla cancer. so went to PPUKM and you know what happen next. i've been hospitalized for few days after the operation. yeah i feel like i was beheaded and then my head was sewn back to my body. cant even lift my head. the presence of tube poking into my chest and the IV drip makes me harder to move. that is not a problem for me. too tired to move. my throat was very dry for few days after the operation. and yes coughing, sneezing, and yawning deal a lot of pain to my neck. i felt like my throat is about to burst everytime i cough. dude, so leceh. the risk for the operation? voice hoarseness and accidental removal of parathyroid. well since my calcium level is normal i assume they didnt remove my parathyroid.

luckily my calcium level didnt drop that much and remain at normal level and i was able to eat right after the operation. so adios iv drip. now healing part? i just have to wait. oh yeah since i had thyroidectomy i've been getting weaker. oh and i will be putting on weight right now. thats the least concern right now.

right now i will just sit and do nothing. reading most of the time. consume least energy, less movement.


  1. relieved to hear youre okay. take care tau tau tauuu!

  2. ... Why don't you try taking Transfer Factor? It's a bit expensive, but based on testimonials, it speeds up healing.

  3. ur drawing do look exactly like u..except for the purple hair.heheh