Tuesday, 26 April 2011

mission: failure, double failure, triple failure!!!

went to bank to apply ceedit card.... failed.
went to but meat at spiceland.... failed.
try to book train ticket.....failed.

just hope i dont fail my exam. ^^
oh yeah no pictures for the time being

Saturday, 23 April 2011


do you have something that causes a lot of pain to you? you just want to forget about it and never come across with it anymore. even remembering things related to it bring you down.your chest feels heavy when you remember it and it is as if you are struck by lightning straight to the chest whenever you hear it. do you?

yes it hurts you so much that it leaves scar in your life that you wont forget it and haunt you. you will shed tears when you think about it and you just want to run away from it. do you? someday, the pain will be gone but the scar remains or the scar heals but the pain remains. whatever, it still give you a bitter taste of life.

do you feel the pain?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

VIVA la vida!!!

just finished my viva. whew..... hahaha it went quite well though i didnt manage to answer few Q's correctly. Nevertheless i was satisfied with it. ^^ better than the last viva

went to swim after that and now im damn tired....

i remembered when I was in form 5 I used to go for swimming with my friends every Sunday morning. yeah it was really fun. there's this one time when we tried to teach our friend to swim as he cant swim and he is afraid to try. so we brought him to the middle of the pool while supporting him. i dove in and support him from down. after sometimes, i let him go to take a breath and suddenly the other guys started to scare him. he was panicking and grab me back. damn i cant get him off and I was out of breath. so i pulled myself away from him and tried to  emerge from water. as I was only 1 cm from the surface he grabbed me back and pushed me back into the water. WTF?!! let me get some air!!!! so i dove deeper and get away from him to emerge at the other place. fuh saved my life. luckily i didnt panicked or i would have died. nevertheless, all the other 10 people just look at us without even want to help. fuck you. hahaha damn you sibol almost drowned me. but it was fun. haha ^^

drew this in the mid of lecture. notice any resemblance with any character?

Monday, 18 April 2011


i feel sad somehow. that's all i can say

Monday, 11 April 2011


waaa bilik aku busuk... bukan sebab aku eh. area aku x busuk... busuk kat entrance bilik. sebab dekat ngan tandas ngan ade locker rumate aku...

tu sume pakaian kotor. aku x taw mane pakaian bersih die. haha

Sunday, 10 April 2011


ai ade sorang kawan da ber titew2 da...
xpe2 cuti nnti leh singgah newcastle ek.. ^^
jgn mara titew taw

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I'm So Lucky Lucky ❤❤

I've been raping the replay button countless time for the past few days.

Saturday, 2 April 2011


people are picnicking at the hall pond, lazing on the grass laughing and enjoying themselves under the sunshine while I'm watching them from my room doing my work...maybe. oh and the fire alarm has been ringing for quite sometimes. wonder who's drunk enough to set off the fire alarm in the middle of the day. ohh shut up you bitch. quit yelling, you're just too drunk. I want to listen to the songs they played. now back to work...


da pon pkol 4. aku pon stop tgk onepiece and kuar pi anto si sokan nak ke cork. kitorang pon pi city naek 128 yang kejap ade kejap xde tu... naseb baek x yah tggu lame. sampai kat spire jumpe acap and singgah kedai piza beli sat nak mentekedarah pastu. da kat pkol 6 lagi 2 orang mamat x sampai lg. udin da kat city tp ntah mane la die. azri la on da way on da way. ntah2 on da way balik da. lagi 15 minit bas nak gerak pudin  pon sampai mengah2 lari. azri nye still on the way lg. pizza da separuh da abes. tggu punye tggu pasrah gak r ingat 3 orang je yang pi cork. aku pon pi kuar tggu azri kat lua stesen bas nak bg tiket die. kang kalo die miss bas tu balek ngan aku je r jawabnye. tepat bas da nak gerak die sampai. tu pon aku da suro die lari lg. haha so dapat r dorang 4 orang pi cork. aku pon balek tros tido sampai tgh malam