Thursday, 21 April 2011

VIVA la vida!!!

just finished my viva. whew..... hahaha it went quite well though i didnt manage to answer few Q's correctly. Nevertheless i was satisfied with it. ^^ better than the last viva

went to swim after that and now im damn tired....

i remembered when I was in form 5 I used to go for swimming with my friends every Sunday morning. yeah it was really fun. there's this one time when we tried to teach our friend to swim as he cant swim and he is afraid to try. so we brought him to the middle of the pool while supporting him. i dove in and support him from down. after sometimes, i let him go to take a breath and suddenly the other guys started to scare him. he was panicking and grab me back. damn i cant get him off and I was out of breath. so i pulled myself away from him and tried to  emerge from water. as I was only 1 cm from the surface he grabbed me back and pushed me back into the water. WTF?!! let me get some air!!!! so i dove deeper and get away from him to emerge at the other place. fuh saved my life. luckily i didnt panicked or i would have died. nevertheless, all the other 10 people just look at us without even want to help. fuck you. hahaha damn you sibol almost drowned me. but it was fun. haha ^^

drew this in the mid of lecture. notice any resemblance with any character?


  1. hua3...klo x da arwah da ko skrg

  2. hahaha maybe2....
    lame gak r aku dalam air time tu...