Saturday, 28 July 2012

Graha makmur at night

went to primary school reunion yesterday. had a lot of fun and yes i hope that we will be able to do it again with more classmate. so we spend most of the time at Graha Makmur after breaking our fast.

lighting and fountain make this place beautiful at night
feels like playing with water but no im not like the foreigners 
super moon!! 
sadly most of the pics are not good since im only using phone camera. yeap, time to use my old camera back.

Thursday, 26 July 2012


so i've been looking at the stats for my blog. and here i found something that made me laugh. some people come to this blog via google search as some of the keywords match the blog. these two searches are so... i dont know how to say it.

- memakan benda yang haram saat puasa. lol obviously this person is not fasting and consuming something haram. but still it puzzled me as people still think of whether you can do that during fasting. first of all, haram is haram. a ham will still be haram even in Ramadhan. why consume it in the first place? and second, you will break your fast  when you eat. it doesnt matter whether it is halal or haram. hahaha

- watching porn during puasa time night. ok this one really made me laugh. i dont know what to say for this one. it just really cracked me up. dude, the level of retardness is too damn high!!! it is wrong to watch porn even not in Ramadhan. nuff said. oh,yeah as a reminder to my married friends especially, having sex during daytime in Ramadhan will cause you to have kifarah where one will have to free a slave. if that cant be done, fast for 2 months continuously, and if that cant be done 60 cupak(i dont know the word in english) of staple food are to be given to 60 poor people.

Sabda Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. (bermaksud); "Sesiapa berbuka puasa sehari di bulan Ramadhan tanpa ada rukhsah (kelonggaran) yang diizinkan Allah untuknya, puasa sepanjang masa sekalipun tidak akan berupaya membayarnya sekalipun ia melakukannya" (Riwayat Imam Abu Daud, at-Tarmizi dan Ibnu Majah).

So folks, dont skip fasting. and yeah tarawih is also one of the gists in Ramadhan. you dont feel the ramadhan much if you dont go to tarawih at the mosque. Ramadhan Kareem ^^

people still read the post about lily batrisya lidyan. i wonder whether that girl is so popular or is it because of asmirandah pic that i put in that post but that is not related to this post.

Friday, 20 July 2012


esok mula berpuasa. so selamat berpuasa kepada semua muslimin serta muslimat. jangan ponteng-ponteng. huhu teringat time kecik dulu tengok orang curi-curi makan time puasa. ah da besar pun sama. kat kolej pun masih ada orang buat camtu. masuk bilik masak maggi senyap-senyap.  hahaha

bila cakap pasal puasa, satu benda yang aku ingat ialah sindrom aku-lupa-aku-tengah-puasa. especially bila puasa sunat. satu benda yang x taw la mmg sebab aku pelupa ke or dapat rezeki. aku asyik lupa bila tengah puasa. contohnya, aku baru je ingatkan diri aku puasa, tapi 5 saat lepas tu..."oh, ade air!" slurrpp terus minum. lepas tu baru teringat balik tengah puasa. well, bila puasa sunat lagi teruk. lunch break terus jalan dengan member pergi dewan makan makan sama. da kenyang, dengan burrprpppp baru ingat aiya tengah puasa. apa boleh buat. member-member sume da masak da. bila time puasa je diorang mesti ingatkan aku yang aku tengah puasa sebab taknak bagi aku makan. ^^ thanx lah..

bercerita dalam bahasa melayu membuatkan aku rasa kekok. dah lama sangat tak guna bahasa melayu apatah lagi bahasa baku.

everytime sahur.... except during college time. we dont sleep till after subuh
semoga puasa kali ni lebih bermakna untuk korang semua. jangan miss terawih

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

oh my summer

when people talk about summer. we all have holidays in our head. travelling around the world, doing activities with friends, rolling on the floor all day long lost track of time etc etc. basically people just chill and relax.oh this only apply to students

but me. i have an exam right after the summer top it off the exam is right after raya... nice timing. so here i am, having to think twice whenever i want to attend an event or go out. and since the exam is just around the corner i spend most of my time cooped up in the house. if there is no exam, i should have joined my friends events. if there is no exam, i can travel already. if there is no exam.... haaaa ill just go back to reality and continue study... bye

oh, yeah, i just started playing starcraft back recently, going to finish the original and broodwar again just to know the lore and then ill continue to starcraft 2. im thinking of buying the novels too but that can wait till i finish reading LOTR first. for the mean time... jacked up and ready to go!!!

Friday, 13 July 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Retarded

we all know that in our mind we have the good and the bad side. just like in cartoon where an angel and a devil speak to you whenever you're about to make a decision. and they end up fighting with each other. ^^

so here's what happens in my head whenever im driving on a highway. let's say there are 10 voices in my mind. 5 of them will be saying "come on dude, you're in a racing game. overtake that car. GOGOGO!!!!"
that will be the bad one. then, 4 of them will be the good one saying "chill bro. you dont want to die yet. no hurry drive safely". but then there is this one voice, the retarded one whispering "what does it feel when the car touches the divider with speed at 140km/h? what's going to happen? let's try it Let's try it" sometimes i just take a peek at the distance between the car and the divider just to make sure im not getting close.. -.-

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

its july and we're busy with placement

it july now. oh it's already mid july. how time flies.... anyway 2 years ago i was busy mourning thinking about placement offer from universities. yup after IB result came out students will get to know whether they are given offer to study to the applied universities. AND I WAS HAVING A NIGHTMARE!!! oh well whats done is done. i wont talk about it here unless people ask me. on a second thought ill just briefly tell what happened. i failed to enrol into any university that  i applied. so i send letters to all university that i know asking for placement. fast forward the story, i end up studying in TCD and thank god i was so relieved when i get the offer. though that incident leaves me with traumatic effect but im good now.

so a few month ago, if im not mistaken in february, i received an email from Southampton university about giving me an offer tu study at the university. well the content is roughly like that as i didnt read the email properly. i was a bit shocked to get the email as i sent the letter 2 years ago. what if i just go to southampton to studty there byebye tcd. haha

oh not to forget congratulations to IB students and good luck for the placement. i did mention about clearing a year ago as i went through that moment bitterly. a mistake in timing. -.-

down x dpt placement

Thursday, 5 July 2012

jack of all trade

once i was asked what is my hobby. when i was small, i would answer i have no hobby since i didnt have anything that i like to do when i was free. so i just do random stuffs like rolling around in the living room or watch tiny bugs in the garden. oh yeah most of the time, i'll be playing with my lego and power rangers toys. the random activity goes on till i get into high school where my life has started to become busier day by day. by the time i am in form five, i would answer the hobby question sleep or drawing. but most of the time i will be sleeping. ^^ i learn and discover a lot of stuffs during my high school and college time that by now i have several interests. i can say that my hobby right now will be reading books (novels/comics mostly), playing games (warcraft, wow, starcraft, wait all of them are blizzard's games...ok pokemon and maybe ps3 and xbox game but i usually just watch my friend play xbox), drawing which i call sketching or conteng2. i laso learn to play guitar a bit which i dont have the chance to play anymore since my housemates dont have guitar.   i only remember chord for betterman. lol that is the easiest one. i also would like to try sculpting, but i guess ill just KIV that and do it when i retire..

besides hobby i still have other things that need to be done like studying, managing my life, and i also want to go traveling. all these takes time so i just do a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that depending on the mood. of course i still love to sleep but sometimes, i feel like i dont want to sleep because there are other things that i can do. forget bout other thing. sleep is more important ^^

so since i have so much thing that i would like and have to do i end up not being able to focus on just one thing since i feel that it would be such a waste to stop but i know someday i will have to stop doing some of them. ai.... so i become more like jack of all trade, master of none haha. oh speaking of studying im thinking of doing a lil bit of math too. well, just to entertain myself dealing with numbers. for now i only go to yahoo answers and try to solve mathematical questions that are posted. ah so much thing to do. if only i am able to make clones of myself. Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!!! poof!!!!

anyway, it is summer holiday now. i love to roll around 
here's some pics of yui and her gita

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


i've read novels, stories, comics and i just love to imagine the fantasy world. having adventure, with all the mystical creatures, magic, treasures, and many more. most of the novels are about the middle earth stories perhaps during the medieval ages, or dark ages, i dont know but the point is at that time human population is low and we dont have any overpopulated area. the thing that makes me enjoy reading all these stuffs is the part when the author describe the forest, the weather, the scenery, the natures that surround the characters. just by imagining that makes me feel like im together with the characters in the novel though i dont have to go through all the hardships that they have to.

thats the reason why i really want to travel especially to the beautiful places just to see the panorama and enjoy it. watching all the breathtaking view... just love it. unfortunately, 2 things prevent me from travelling; money and time. being a medic students, i hardly have time to travel just to see this beautiful world (i kind of thinking that this is just a lame excuse). then, money which is a big issue for traveller for you cant travel comfortably without any money as the saying goes, no money no honey ^^.  though there are few ways to overcome this problem like travelling with friends to save money, but due to several circumstances i find it hard to have travel partners. so i prefer to travel alone right now which will be very costly. travelled to sweden once alone for a week. and i spent like a rich man. dined in a seafood restaurant going all the cruise and stay in a hotel. i hope that i can have a travelling partner. that will make my life much easier.

besides money and time, all the documentation like visa and stuffs are also a hassle to me which also causing me to dent my bank account. if only i can travel freely, like when there is no border between country. and the land belongs to no man. you're free to roam around and explore the world. yeah, you wont be needing much money either and most of all, during that time the world is not polluted yet and it is still full with greenery. i imagine that i can travel like frodo from the shire to rivendell across the woods. oh minus the dangerous part and the black rider. ^^ that will be totally awesome but then, i will have to let go my job and live my life as a traveller. i wonder if i can live like that nowadays. travelling with no or little money. you know, going to a city and stay there for sometime to gain enough supplies and money and continue on travelling to see the world. it would be a great thing to do but huge sacrifices are needed. for now i just want to go to bavaria in germany. there, exist a castle in the middle of the forest and mountain just like a fairy tale. i hope i can go there next summer.

sognefjord, norway. i went there last summer
and i did mention if i can stay here i dont need internet