Thursday, 5 July 2012

jack of all trade

once i was asked what is my hobby. when i was small, i would answer i have no hobby since i didnt have anything that i like to do when i was free. so i just do random stuffs like rolling around in the living room or watch tiny bugs in the garden. oh yeah most of the time, i'll be playing with my lego and power rangers toys. the random activity goes on till i get into high school where my life has started to become busier day by day. by the time i am in form five, i would answer the hobby question sleep or drawing. but most of the time i will be sleeping. ^^ i learn and discover a lot of stuffs during my high school and college time that by now i have several interests. i can say that my hobby right now will be reading books (novels/comics mostly), playing games (warcraft, wow, starcraft, wait all of them are blizzard's games...ok pokemon and maybe ps3 and xbox game but i usually just watch my friend play xbox), drawing which i call sketching or conteng2. i laso learn to play guitar a bit which i dont have the chance to play anymore since my housemates dont have guitar.   i only remember chord for betterman. lol that is the easiest one. i also would like to try sculpting, but i guess ill just KIV that and do it when i retire..

besides hobby i still have other things that need to be done like studying, managing my life, and i also want to go traveling. all these takes time so i just do a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that depending on the mood. of course i still love to sleep but sometimes, i feel like i dont want to sleep because there are other things that i can do. forget bout other thing. sleep is more important ^^

so since i have so much thing that i would like and have to do i end up not being able to focus on just one thing since i feel that it would be such a waste to stop but i know someday i will have to stop doing some of them. ai.... so i become more like jack of all trade, master of none haha. oh speaking of studying im thinking of doing a lil bit of math too. well, just to entertain myself dealing with numbers. for now i only go to yahoo answers and try to solve mathematical questions that are posted. ah so much thing to do. if only i am able to make clones of myself. Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!!! poof!!!!

anyway, it is summer holiday now. i love to roll around 
here's some pics of yui and her gita


  1. You know, maybe you don't have to wait till you've retired to start sculpting. Sometime, I'd masak 2 or 3 boxes of candles and pour them into a container and wait for it to cool. Sejuk suda, then I'd sculp. It's wax and may not be the same, but you can use it for practising. :) You can pour some Bunchos in too when masak to give it colours. Fuuun! Haha.



  2. wooh you really do that? id love to see the product of your sculpture. what instruments do you use?