Tuesday, 3 July 2012


i've read novels, stories, comics and i just love to imagine the fantasy world. having adventure, with all the mystical creatures, magic, treasures, and many more. most of the novels are about the middle earth stories perhaps during the medieval ages, or dark ages, i dont know but the point is at that time human population is low and we dont have any overpopulated area. the thing that makes me enjoy reading all these stuffs is the part when the author describe the forest, the weather, the scenery, the natures that surround the characters. just by imagining that makes me feel like im together with the characters in the novel though i dont have to go through all the hardships that they have to.

thats the reason why i really want to travel especially to the beautiful places just to see the panorama and enjoy it. watching all the breathtaking view... just love it. unfortunately, 2 things prevent me from travelling; money and time. being a medic students, i hardly have time to travel just to see this beautiful world (i kind of thinking that this is just a lame excuse). then, money which is a big issue for traveller for you cant travel comfortably without any money as the saying goes, no money no honey ^^.  though there are few ways to overcome this problem like travelling with friends to save money, but due to several circumstances i find it hard to have travel partners. so i prefer to travel alone right now which will be very costly. travelled to sweden once alone for a week. and i spent like a rich man. dined in a seafood restaurant going all the cruise and stay in a hotel. i hope that i can have a travelling partner. that will make my life much easier.

besides money and time, all the documentation like visa and stuffs are also a hassle to me which also causing me to dent my bank account. if only i can travel freely, like when there is no border between country. and the land belongs to no man. you're free to roam around and explore the world. yeah, you wont be needing much money either and most of all, during that time the world is not polluted yet and it is still full with greenery. i imagine that i can travel like frodo from the shire to rivendell across the woods. oh minus the dangerous part and the black rider. ^^ that will be totally awesome but then, i will have to let go my job and live my life as a traveller. i wonder if i can live like that nowadays. travelling with no or little money. you know, going to a city and stay there for sometime to gain enough supplies and money and continue on travelling to see the world. it would be a great thing to do but huge sacrifices are needed. for now i just want to go to bavaria in germany. there, exist a castle in the middle of the forest and mountain just like a fairy tale. i hope i can go there next summer.

sognefjord, norway. i went there last summer
and i did mention if i can stay here i dont need internet


  1. Kalau suka travel tapi benci gila naik flights boleh? :(

  2. boleh.. naek la ferry leh cruise... lg bes sebab ko leh maen laut. though takes a longer time
    eyyy bkan ko flight freak ke