Wednesday, 18 July 2012

oh my summer

when people talk about summer. we all have holidays in our head. travelling around the world, doing activities with friends, rolling on the floor all day long lost track of time etc etc. basically people just chill and relax.oh this only apply to students

but me. i have an exam right after the summer top it off the exam is right after raya... nice timing. so here i am, having to think twice whenever i want to attend an event or go out. and since the exam is just around the corner i spend most of my time cooped up in the house. if there is no exam, i should have joined my friends events. if there is no exam, i can travel already. if there is no exam.... haaaa ill just go back to reality and continue study... bye

oh, yeah, i just started playing starcraft back recently, going to finish the original and broodwar again just to know the lore and then ill continue to starcraft 2. im thinking of buying the novels too but that can wait till i finish reading LOTR first. for the mean time... jacked up and ready to go!!!

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