Thursday, 26 July 2012


so i've been looking at the stats for my blog. and here i found something that made me laugh. some people come to this blog via google search as some of the keywords match the blog. these two searches are so... i dont know how to say it.

- memakan benda yang haram saat puasa. lol obviously this person is not fasting and consuming something haram. but still it puzzled me as people still think of whether you can do that during fasting. first of all, haram is haram. a ham will still be haram even in Ramadhan. why consume it in the first place? and second, you will break your fast  when you eat. it doesnt matter whether it is halal or haram. hahaha

- watching porn during puasa time night. ok this one really made me laugh. i dont know what to say for this one. it just really cracked me up. dude, the level of retardness is too damn high!!! it is wrong to watch porn even not in Ramadhan. nuff said. oh,yeah as a reminder to my married friends especially, having sex during daytime in Ramadhan will cause you to have kifarah where one will have to free a slave. if that cant be done, fast for 2 months continuously, and if that cant be done 60 cupak(i dont know the word in english) of staple food are to be given to 60 poor people.

Sabda Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. (bermaksud); "Sesiapa berbuka puasa sehari di bulan Ramadhan tanpa ada rukhsah (kelonggaran) yang diizinkan Allah untuknya, puasa sepanjang masa sekalipun tidak akan berupaya membayarnya sekalipun ia melakukannya" (Riwayat Imam Abu Daud, at-Tarmizi dan Ibnu Majah).

So folks, dont skip fasting. and yeah tarawih is also one of the gists in Ramadhan. you dont feel the ramadhan much if you dont go to tarawih at the mosque. Ramadhan Kareem ^^

people still read the post about lily batrisya lidyan. i wonder whether that girl is so popular or is it because of asmirandah pic that i put in that post but that is not related to this post.


  1. uhuhu come on bella. nnti da akad jangan goda die

  2. I think cupak is 'cups'. Though I think it differs from the measuring cup used for cooking.

    I think.


    1. Oh thanx for the info. Yeah it shouldnt be the same with the one used in the kitchen