Wednesday, 29 October 2014


setiap orang mesti ada circle member lain2 an. apa yang aku suka ada different circle ni sebab orang dia variety. lain bidang, lain pemikiran, lain perbuatan, lain tutur katanya. tiap-tiap circle ada style die depending on the people dalam tu. so kalau aku tgk wassap group mmg satu group ni dok cakap pasal study related, gossip, etc and other group lak would be lawak2 group sembang je, tp beza group msia ngan goup member kat ireland, group kat msia boleh kata setiap baris ayat ada carutan. hahahah aku bukan nak cakap group kat msia kurang ke apa most probably sebab kitorang bbdak melaka kot haha. aku x kisah sgt pun ko nak mencarut banyak mana pun sebab sume tu bukan la serius pun. just selingan dalam ayat. macam omputih duk asyik tambah fuck dalam setiap ayat dorang. of course ni group sume laki. x taw la kalau pompuan ada jadi sama ke x? sama je kot.

Monday, 27 October 2014


semua orang nak jadi hero. nak jadi the main character in the story. the one in the middle of attention. oh yes everybody want that. when the kids are playing they all fight who get to be the main character of a cartoon or game though the main character sucks hard while other characters have much-much better quality in all aspects. when were playing team game like dota, everybody want to be the core of the team. scre others. im the main person in the team. others should support me. dont let me die but you guys can die. no one wants to be the supporting characters. anything happens, supporting characters are to be blamed. people dont really appreciate the backstage workers. all they see the success of an event is due to the people at the front. the one on the stages they never care the beindthestage people. the only time we know about their existence is when there's something wrong  happening and we just blame them.

well, people are just selfish. everybody want to bathe the limelight and people can do anything to get that. no matter what happen, if anything is a success, they claim that its because of their doing. no matter how insignificant their involvement they still claim that they're involved in the process and lead to the success of the event. oh and other people's opinion and doing are insignificant compared to theirs. when it is about successful people, they will say that theyre related to the person and brag using other people's name to get the fame.

honestly, this selfishness makes me want to puke and i cant really stand you people. sembang lebih je la orang macam ni. tell me what did you do to be part of the success? what did you sacrifice? dont be this kind of people. remember everybody have their own role and its never a one man show. dont be a selfish bastard

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


sekarang ni makin banyak pula orang bertudung. patutnya bagus la kita galakkan tapi masalahnya yang bertudung ni laki. banyak pulak video lawak laki berlakon jd makcik2 minah mana tah. tgk satu dua video lawak ni senyum ketawa gak la tapi bila da makin banyak ni menyampah lak aku tgk laki dressing tudung berlakon macam makcik2 ni. pondan apa. kang aku libas sekor2 kang. kita nak buat video lawak ke menganjing ke ada mesej yang nak disampaikan. kalau sekadar bodoh2 lawak je pun ok lagi la bagi aku tp biarlah berpada-pada. tak yah la nak mengada lebih2 lak. 

haih zaman sekarang perempuan xnak bertudung katanya x sampai seruan lagi, laki plak yang dapat seruan nak bertudung. 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

DASH diet

I've posted about this diet before but I'm reposting about it again since one of my friends had a stroke recently. fyi, he's the same age as me. It's really scary when disease that usually occur in elderly is becoming more frequent and people started to have these diseases at younger age. brrr shiver me timber!!! whats more, besides, having hypertension at this age is really really bad. of course we can say that family history can give contribution to having the disease but there are a lot of other factors that can lead to the development of the disease too. anyway, let's stay healthy and do take care of your health.

back to the diet, DASH(dietary approach to stop hypertension) diet is as the name says, to stop hypertension by managing your diet. this is basically the change in lifestyle approach. so, basically, this diet limit one's consumption of sugar sweetened food, sodium, red meat, and added fats, the amount of food one will be taking will also reduced(well if youre used to eating large proportion of food). I've done this diet in only a week and it was hell for me. lol that's because i cant eat meat much. but anyway, i did manage to reduce my weight for a few kilos in just a week though the effort was all wasted as i got back to my normal weight in one night when i went to Manchester (those staying in UK and Ireland know what happen when you go to Manchester). ^^

anyway, if you want to slim down and lose weight, you can try this diet and see what happen. for further information, just search for it in the net and youll find loads of info about it. #fitmalaysia hahaha

Saturday, 4 October 2014

batman: arkham origins

hehe Ive finished playing the game in 40 hours yeay. even though people said that arkham origins is not good but i enjoyed the game overall but yeah the game is much simpler compared to arkham city. and now im going to play the extra part, cold cold heart, a mission fighting against mr freeze. 

btw, i really love this version of Auld Lang Syne. it gives the sad and sorrow feeling