Sunday, 30 June 2013

meh abang ajar melukis

padahal dok main bulat2 je. and then zigzag...

my friend came to my house and he brought his 4 yo brother...... tengok aladdin sambil dok borak dengan abang dia.

melukis dengan budak 4 tahun.
oh and my rubber was torn to pieces when i wasnt looking at him. ^^

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


do you like kids? any kids be it newly born or kindergarten, or primary school kids...some people hate them especially the crying part. oh they just cant stand the noise. some people love them. playing around with kids entertaining them whenever they can.

i havent had any interaction with small kids for years. i have even forgotten how to carry a baby. nevertheless i had the chance to play with adam and yasin. theyre 13 and 7 years old. playing monopoly with them was quite fun. most of the time i would be answering the questions they asked me. but i can never give warmth when im dealing with kids if you get what i mean. my interaction would be too educational i guess, anyway thanks adam and yasin

characters from gakuen babysitters

Sunday, 23 June 2013


remember life brief candle by william shakespear? i only remember the first few verses. there are these 2 lines: "Life's but a walking shadows, a poor player, That struts and frets upon the stage". I dont care the meaning behind these verses for long i have forgotten the the message of the poem but yes we all are actors that perfom on the stage. a stage big enough to fit everything in it, the world. we try to act as best as we can to please others. we put on mask to fit the role that we are playing, to fit in the story line. the mask itself cover our true face. people dont have to know who we really are as long as they're content with the acting. we perform really well in this scripted story with our performance. we tell lies to satisfy demands and to get away from troubles for it doesnt matter because they dont know who we really are. we make up more lies to cover the lies that we make. and more lies coming after that. but when can we remove the mask? when we are on our own? when we are in another world created by ourselves? or is that mask actually our face? we wear the mask most of the time and only remove it sometimes or should i say we only wear a mask, which is a personality that we want to become when we are alone? 

we are who we are. how we live our life will show who we are. the mask is just something to comfort our heart. it doesn't exist actually. we can deny as much as we want but still, what we do, show, act define what we are. 

living with lies is just too much hassle. I am tired of living with acting just to please people. telling people lies will only increase the burden of life. why dont we just look at ourselves. get a mirror...seriously look at yourself in the mirror. look what is the bad/wrong thing that you do. try to fix it and you don't have to tell lies anymore. if you cant fix it try to get help. 

oh btw, i hate playing bluff, or kencing. easiest way is to keep on being honest.

life. we grow up and then we die. why waste it?

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Le.Gardenie... I'm pretty sure most of the girls know this comic as it was published in Gempak or Utopia I cant remember. The author is Ben. It's basically a story of midschoolers love affairs as the protagonist life is surrounded with beautiful girls and he being too greedy stand helpless as everything fall apart in front of him. ok I made that up because I hate the main character. It's basically called Le.Gardenie as all the characters are named based on fruits i.e Apple, Lemon, Kiwi, and Orange.

Since it is a product from Ben, the drawings are beautiful. i just love it and the setting is based on french remote town if im not mistaken. nevertheless, i dont like the storyline. the only reason i keep the comic is because of the artwork. the storyline is just...... i dont know.. should i say sickening? lol. basically I can only read one chapter at one time because i will feel really disgusted with the main character, orange. Ben managed to depict him as a greedy weak spineless coward person with no manliness at all. that is why i cant stand reading the story.

so yeah there are 4 volumes in total though the last part of the comic is done by someone else because Ben quit Gempak. so the storyline had a sudden change just like Fatal Chaos.

the 4 volumes of Le.Gardenie

a pic of Kiwi

Thursday, 13 June 2013


aaaaahhhh after 48 days of exams, more than 60 days of being a caveman, finally ican get to relax for a bit. now, cleaning up my room and get the kitchen hot back. what am i gonna cook for ma housemates tonight? dunno let's see what i can get later.

so here's the plan for few days; go london, BASKETBALLING, play games, repair laptop, cycling, baking, doodling, running, sun-bathing, and etcetc... there are little stuffs that i want to do but not worth mentioning.

anyway summer is here. feel the sunshine feel the sunshine~ gonna enjoy this little freedom

can you feel the sun washing over me

Saturday, 8 June 2013


what is same day but not the same day?

anyway let's listen to piano song.
and back to reading

Monday, 3 June 2013


everything that break can recover back. a broken vase can be glued together, a broken bone can heal back together. but no matter how good or how long the healing is, there will always be scar left and yes the recovery will never be 100%. 

quick conteng2 sambil membaca
mood Hajime No Ippo