Monday, 1 December 2014


bed bug is its name in english. I haven't had this problem for a really long time that I've totally forgotten the name pepijat. it is an parasite insect that live on by sucking your blood. just like lice, it is really hard to eradicate it since any repellent or substance wont kill it. it can live anywhere in your house as long as it's close to the food source that is us human which makes the searching area really big and it is really small.

so, recently my house got a bed bug infestation as we have to go and stay at different places from time to time and there are guests coming to our house a lot. any of these occasion can lead to this infestation. initially, one of my housemate keep on getting bitten and after quite sometimes, my roommate started to get bitten too. then yesterday, they declare war against the bed bug and do search and destroy operation in all bedrooms. I didn't join them when they started the operation as i was at out doing some shopping tee hee. by the way all bed sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers are inspected and washed in boiling water. some are thrown away, and yeah they left no pillow unturned. all spring boxes are thrown away since we cant risk having hidden nest.

at the end of the day, everybody was totally exhausted except me because i was still out shopping. so the only thing i can do is help in finishing the operation like managing the bed sheet laundry. on a totally unrelated note, the vacuum cleaner smells like rat piss. if you've dealt with rat piss before you'll know how bad it is. since the vacuum cleaner act like air refresher, any smell it has is being sprayed to the house so we have free air freshener with rat piss scent. man that's the worse thing happen second to bed bug infestation problem in the house. the thing is, we live in an apartment and there's no way there's a rat living in my apartment. and the vacuum cleaner become smelly after we lent it to other house. my housemates are all really crossed with this since none of the borrowers want to admit and the blame was pointed to us back saying that it has been smelly right from the beginning. bad excuse mate, as we just used it right before we lent it to you and it was just fine. oh well, what's done is done. i hope i can get rid of the smell from the vacuum.

here's the specimens that we get from the operation.
see the big bug? that's the king there are all kind of stages of bed bug in this pic
from eggs to adult varying in size. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014


recognize the title?

Its what i type when I post music on fb. just me listening to songs using headphone. I've been looking for new songs and different genre to listen to. all kind of songs regardless of the language, age, or genre.

recently I'm into dubstep variation and DnB (drums and basses). kinda cool and catchy. love them. for DnB I tried monstercat productions. It is an independent music producer. also, I listen to xkito music (dont know whether it's a producer or not) for dubstep variation music. just search them on youtube and youll find their acc.

here's some of the newly songs that i listen to.

Feint - Lift (DnB)
Love his music

aKu - The Final Blow
i like this song because of the guzheng and erhu. nevertheless great piece

TheFatRat - Unity
glitch hop

you just have to check them out yourself for more songs^^

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

rain rain

since its raining heavily here in Ireland, it just reminds me of the monsoon history poem that I learnt back in secondary school. It is rainy season in Malaysia right now especially in north east of the peninsular. yeah I do drink milo looking at the rain that pouring down the city, the grey sky, the damp mood of the house. feels good I love rain

Monsoon History

The air is wet,
Soaks bring up into mattresses,
And curls in apparitions of smoke.
Like fat white slugs furled among the timber,
Or silver fish tunneling the damp linen covers of
Or walking
Quietly like centipedes, 
The air walking everywhere
On its hundred feet
Is filled with the glare of tropical water.

Again we are taken over by clouds and rolling darkness.
Small snails appear
Clashing their timid horns
Among the morning glory vines.

Drinking Milo,
Nyonya and baba sit at home.
This was forty years ago.
Sarong-wrapped they counted silver paper for the
Portraits of grandfathers
Hung always in the parlour.

Reading Tennyson, at six p.m. in pajamas,
Listening to down-pouring rain: 
The air ticks with gnats, black spiders fly,
Moths sweep out of our rooms
Where termites built their hills of eggs and queens
zoom in heat,
We wash our feet for bed,
Watch mother uncoil her snake hair,
Unbuckle the silver mesh around her waist,
Waiting for father pacing the sand as fishers pull
From the straits after monsoon. 

The air is still, silent
Like sleepers rocked in the pantun,
Sheltered by Malacca. 
This was forty years ago,
When nyonya married baba.

Saturday, 8 November 2014


antara banyak2 skill kemahiran hidup menjahit adalah skill paling aku x pandai. well, sewing is just not my thing the last time i use needle and thread was when i was in secondary school doing my kemahiran hidup class. after that no more.

so I've been having problem with my clothing here since they dont provide alteration service here in penneys(it's like a rm2 shop in msia but much better). I got fed up with having to fold my trousers everytime i use it and yesterday i decided to necro my sewing skill that has been dead long ago. the reason i dont send it to my tailor is because it is very expensive to alter the pants. cost me 10eu (around rm40) to alter my pants even for 1 inch and this pant that i do is not worth sending to the shop. it costs me 5 to buy it and 10 to alter it? pffft.

i didnt cut my pants as that will require me to use a machine to sew back. dont know what is it called, the end of the know what i mean. anyway, i decided to do a temporary alteration which require me to fold the pants inward and sew them.

beginning my operation alter sang hijau using google as my teacher.
measure, mark and pakai jarum peniti
the end result. not that beautiful but whod go to the bottom of the pant to observe this kind of thing?
how the inside part looks like. 
voila. sebelah siap sebelah belum

the beginning part was like a big obstacle for me as i need to learn about sewing from scratch. all the sewing term was like a complex jargon to me hahaha. had to learn the basic jahitan jelujur and jahitan aki to start and finish the sewing. the rest is just up to my creativity.

well, i actually undo all my work and start everything again after that because I used the wrong measurement. so back to sewing on my comfy sofa while watching Gotham series with my roomate ^^

Sunday, 2 November 2014


dont forget to pray to god. regardless of what we do in our life, god is the one that decides the outcome. remember, He is the best planner. if we're fated to succeed in something no matter what happen we will reach the end point and if He decides that one will fail, no matter how hard one struggles, the result will be the same. 

Nevertheless, He wont let all your hardwork go to waste. God will surely help you if you to succeed in your undertaking when you work for it. If you failed, He must have planned something else for you. It can be a test, or whatever but surely all your effort will not go to waste as long as you hold your faith in him. we can never know about our future, all we can do is plan and do our best. the rest we leave it to god.

thats why dont stress much about our future. we can plan, we can work for our plan but the end say will always belong to the god. we can only work on the current issue and not the future nor the past. 

remember folks, do our best, pray to the god, and have faith in Him no matter what happen. 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


setiap orang mesti ada circle member lain2 an. apa yang aku suka ada different circle ni sebab orang dia variety. lain bidang, lain pemikiran, lain perbuatan, lain tutur katanya. tiap-tiap circle ada style die depending on the people dalam tu. so kalau aku tgk wassap group mmg satu group ni dok cakap pasal study related, gossip, etc and other group lak would be lawak2 group sembang je, tp beza group msia ngan goup member kat ireland, group kat msia boleh kata setiap baris ayat ada carutan. hahahah aku bukan nak cakap group kat msia kurang ke apa most probably sebab kitorang bbdak melaka kot haha. aku x kisah sgt pun ko nak mencarut banyak mana pun sebab sume tu bukan la serius pun. just selingan dalam ayat. macam omputih duk asyik tambah fuck dalam setiap ayat dorang. of course ni group sume laki. x taw la kalau pompuan ada jadi sama ke x? sama je kot.

Monday, 27 October 2014


semua orang nak jadi hero. nak jadi the main character in the story. the one in the middle of attention. oh yes everybody want that. when the kids are playing they all fight who get to be the main character of a cartoon or game though the main character sucks hard while other characters have much-much better quality in all aspects. when were playing team game like dota, everybody want to be the core of the team. scre others. im the main person in the team. others should support me. dont let me die but you guys can die. no one wants to be the supporting characters. anything happens, supporting characters are to be blamed. people dont really appreciate the backstage workers. all they see the success of an event is due to the people at the front. the one on the stages they never care the beindthestage people. the only time we know about their existence is when there's something wrong  happening and we just blame them.

well, people are just selfish. everybody want to bathe the limelight and people can do anything to get that. no matter what happen, if anything is a success, they claim that its because of their doing. no matter how insignificant their involvement they still claim that they're involved in the process and lead to the success of the event. oh and other people's opinion and doing are insignificant compared to theirs. when it is about successful people, they will say that theyre related to the person and brag using other people's name to get the fame.

honestly, this selfishness makes me want to puke and i cant really stand you people. sembang lebih je la orang macam ni. tell me what did you do to be part of the success? what did you sacrifice? dont be this kind of people. remember everybody have their own role and its never a one man show. dont be a selfish bastard

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


sekarang ni makin banyak pula orang bertudung. patutnya bagus la kita galakkan tapi masalahnya yang bertudung ni laki. banyak pulak video lawak laki berlakon jd makcik2 minah mana tah. tgk satu dua video lawak ni senyum ketawa gak la tapi bila da makin banyak ni menyampah lak aku tgk laki dressing tudung berlakon macam makcik2 ni. pondan apa. kang aku libas sekor2 kang. kita nak buat video lawak ke menganjing ke ada mesej yang nak disampaikan. kalau sekadar bodoh2 lawak je pun ok lagi la bagi aku tp biarlah berpada-pada. tak yah la nak mengada lebih2 lak. 

haih zaman sekarang perempuan xnak bertudung katanya x sampai seruan lagi, laki plak yang dapat seruan nak bertudung. 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

DASH diet

I've posted about this diet before but I'm reposting about it again since one of my friends had a stroke recently. fyi, he's the same age as me. It's really scary when disease that usually occur in elderly is becoming more frequent and people started to have these diseases at younger age. brrr shiver me timber!!! whats more, besides, having hypertension at this age is really really bad. of course we can say that family history can give contribution to having the disease but there are a lot of other factors that can lead to the development of the disease too. anyway, let's stay healthy and do take care of your health.

back to the diet, DASH(dietary approach to stop hypertension) diet is as the name says, to stop hypertension by managing your diet. this is basically the change in lifestyle approach. so, basically, this diet limit one's consumption of sugar sweetened food, sodium, red meat, and added fats, the amount of food one will be taking will also reduced(well if youre used to eating large proportion of food). I've done this diet in only a week and it was hell for me. lol that's because i cant eat meat much. but anyway, i did manage to reduce my weight for a few kilos in just a week though the effort was all wasted as i got back to my normal weight in one night when i went to Manchester (those staying in UK and Ireland know what happen when you go to Manchester). ^^

anyway, if you want to slim down and lose weight, you can try this diet and see what happen. for further information, just search for it in the net and youll find loads of info about it. #fitmalaysia hahaha

Saturday, 4 October 2014

batman: arkham origins

hehe Ive finished playing the game in 40 hours yeay. even though people said that arkham origins is not good but i enjoyed the game overall but yeah the game is much simpler compared to arkham city. and now im going to play the extra part, cold cold heart, a mission fighting against mr freeze. 

btw, i really love this version of Auld Lang Syne. it gives the sad and sorrow feeling 

Friday, 26 September 2014

can i wish for my birthday gift?

you guys know the new release of WoW extension? probably not unless youre into it. WoW is world of warcraft fyi. i think ive posted about it in the previous post so no need for any explanation. I've been playinthe game to follow the lore and i just found out that they did produce novels based on the game for the expansions. I was like whoaaaaa I really want to buy those books. If I start to buy one book then Ill definitely gonna buy all warcraft novels but this items fall into the birthday gift list which means Its highly unlikely for me to buy it. If anyone want to buy me a present pls get me the novels. lol I think if Im not in fifth year Id have bought some from amazon ^^

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

C-pen dan G-pen

pernah dengar x c-pen dan g-pen? dorang bukan size bukan jenis dan bukannye pen. c pen adalah singkatan untuk si pendek. tiba-tiba aku pakai bnde ni balik tak tahu apasal. guna bnde ni masa sekolah menengah dulu. "mana la pergi sipen ni...." kata hatiku ketika mencari orang yang pendek. ceh padahal x sedar diri tu x tinggi mana.

G pen? tu singkatna tuk gemuk pendek. kitornag bg nama ni kat senior kitorang yang gemuk pendek dan dia ni macam suka menunjuk sikit hahaha. "gpen da datang doh"

Saturday, 13 September 2014

steamed fish and fried spinach

today I had steamed sea bass and fried spinach with garlic for my lunch. OMG!!! this is sooo good!! it has been ages since I last ate this dish.I know it is just a simple dish but it tasted so good and it brings back memories lol. steamed seabass with ginger and leeks sliced thinly added with sesame oil and light soy sauce for flavouring, the taste is simple yet delicious. this ate together with fried spinach and a bowl of rice is enough to fill me for the whole day. since the fish is steamed, the juiciness of the flesh and fat are still there. i just love it. definitely gonna try to do it myself but first i have to figure out how can i steam food w/o a steamer or i have to buy a steamer first.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

good day bad day

last Friday was really something. I have to go out of the house at 6 am in the morning as usual since i have surgical attachment. It was my last day though because I cant extend the attachment for another 2 more weeks. so that morning we had a grand round and I really wanted to listen to my registrar's presentation about GIST but guest what I slept through her whole presentation and only woke up when people clapped their hands at the end of presentation. what a down. 

oh i forgot something happen before that, i was fined for using the trem without ticket. well, I forgot to bring my ticket and it just happened that the staffs were there to check the ticket. yeay, I was fined for 45 eu. that's like 1 month fare of commuting to the hospital. 

then everything went okay at the hospital except when my consultant ask me to take a room in the opd and meet the patients. i was like what no what do you want me to do? so i just take a history and do exam and present it to the reg and consultant which turns out to be good thing for me. yeay for that. i also got signed off good.

but then things went down hill when i forgot to get my jacket on my way back home and it just happen that i left my house key inside the jacket on that day instead of in my bag.  hurray now i cant get into my house. im not gonna go back to the hospital because that will took me almost 2 hours for the whole to and fro trip. besides, i dont want to buy anymore ticket for the trem. so i went back home straight hoping that my housemate will be there to open the door for me. i cant call them because my phone's battery died. forgot to charge them night before. and yeah as i expected, none of them are at home.

there are 3 people in the house currently, 1 is outside dublin for attachment but he was coming back on that day. its just he will reach home late evening. the other one was going to class which i was hoping for him to come back early. guess what, he didnt come back at all till late saturday night. went to his friends house...... so I just sat at the corridor waiting for my friend to come back and i slept there like a hobo but with a formal clothes. yeah a formal hobo.

luckily my arab neighbour who lives opposite of my house saw me and invited me into his house so i can rest while waiting for my friends to come back. i got to charge my phone too. so eventually i get to enter my house at almost 6 pm. waited for 4 hours and i could have waited at the corridor for 4 hours. thanks friendly neighbour. yeah we get to know each other and made friends. the whole thing wasnt that bad at all.

oh yeah one last thing is that i got my exam result which i passed at the end of the day. yeay for that

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

lock and key

someone asked why is it okay for boys to have many girlfriends but not vice versa. a girl having many boyfriends is a blasphemy. and then someone used this analogy of lock and key. no its not like the enzyme and substrate lock and key hypothesis. a boy is the key and a girl is the lock. what happen when a key can open lots of locks? we call it master key but what happen when a lock can be opened by many keys? it is not a good lock. so you get what i mean? if im not mistaken my friend told me about this from amovie somewhere... cant remember...regardless of that it is still wrong for both sides actually  haha

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

mentawai island

this is a video of mentawai island, somewhere in sumatera. definitely a must go when i come back to msia haha

this place is seriouslt beautiful. id love to swim and surf there even though ive never surfed before.

Monday, 18 August 2014

summer time is kahwin time

yup its that time of the year again. lots of merry events where 2 people vow to live together under one roof and live happily ever after. sadly i cant go to any of the events to celebrate these cheerful moments. not even to my friends wedding that live close to my house. a bit disappointed here but the least i can do is wish for you guys here. i hope all of you will live together full of blessing and happiness. let death be the only end of the marriage.

thinking about relationship..... i have no idea what to think about since i've no experience in having a relationship at all. if you want to know why dig up the older posts. i did mention the reason why i dont bother to have any relationship in the past. besides all i can see are responsibility issue in building a family.

so lets see.... speaking of girls theres this one girl in the past I met her when I was in form 3 during a minggu bahasa competition between MRSM. she was studying in MRSM Kuala Klawang and she was form 2 at that time. we both competed in elocution I didnt really notice her at that time but we just had small talk while waiting for our turn just to calm down and that was it. later in the same year I joined choral speaking competition and the competition wa sheld at MRSM Kuala Klawang. when we're walking to the stage in a line I heard someone said elocutionist. To my surprise the MC girl for the event was that elocutionist girl. after the performance we met and had a short chit chat since she's the mc for the event. I didnt get a chance to talk to her after that as I had to go back. 

1 year later I joined bowling tournament at MRSM Kuantan representing MRSMJ and she was there too. we were like "you're here too??!!" when we saw each other. we had few chats during the whole event but that was it. i was inexperienced at that time and i dont know what to do at all. thats why i did nothing and one more thing is that i just dont care about relationship at that time. i did like the girl but it never cross my mind to be more than that. besides, communication is really hard at that time. no internet no cellphone and sending letters would be too much hassle. so yeah we never meet again after that. 

Friday, 15 August 2014


after playing games for years I realised that I'm not a gamer at all. I play games to follow the lore, the storyline. thats why i dont mind not playing the game but just watch the gameplay in youtube as long as i can enjoy the lore. so here's one of the games that i really want to follow the lore, warcraft. Been playing warcraft III and from there I started playing dota but the first thing that i do is read all the description and lore of all the heroes and items hahaha. putting that aside, the story of warcraft is about different races like humans, orcs, undead, and elves fighting between each other in order to survive and conquer but from warcraft III the lore continue into world of warcraft, an MMO which already have 5 expansions. there are lots of things left unsettled in warcraft III which are continued in WoW and to be honest I cant finish the game. it's just too big for me. I played WoW for awhile but I dont even get into the main storyline much. got sidetracked too much since Im the type of player that do all the missions and quests just to know everything and all the secrets. I only manage to cover half of one continent only and thats just a tiny piece of the game. the most important thing that stopped me from playing WoW is that I have to pay to play it. If im not mistaken it was EU60/year and thats like RM240/year doing medic wont allow me much time to play the game and whats more it's mmo. lots of grinding and I need help from other players to do missions which takes lots of time. so thats when i decided to stop playing warcraft.

nevertheless, the im still interested in the lore and wish to follow them. I've decided to buy the novels but I have no idea on how to follow the storyline w/o playing WoW. anyway, I will definitely play the game if it's free no mattter how slow i go ^^ there will be another expansion set for WoW coming this November and it relates back to the warcraft III and I was so excited I kept watching the cinematics over and over again.

Blizzard never fail to impress people with the cinematics of the game. I cant find the youtube vid through blogspot. dont know why. but here's the link to the cinematics. oh and the soundtracks too. so good

Saturday, 9 August 2014

redesigning house

selamat hari raya guys. now im back to leprechaun's land back after 1 month of holiday that doesnt feel like holiday at all since i have to do 4 weeks of hospital attachment durign that period. during my holiday i spent most of my time at home. dont want ot go out much during puasa. so i did have  alook around the house and this is what comes to my mind. im gonna refurbish this house if i take over this house and of course i f i have the resources available la. hehe

first of all the landscaping. the trees planted in the house are mostly for everyday use right now like chilli, curry, lime, lemongrass but there are also fruit trees which are ok but there are trees that's just there serving no purpose and yeah. useless. i'd pretty much kill them if i dont find them useful at all.

id finish all the incomplete part that my father left during the construction and repair the damaged part over the years so that everything will be functioning properly.

remodeling the attic is one of the thing that i want to do most. to convert that useless space into a romm that can be used. Im wondering why Malaysian house must have attic like that. i dont like it because animal use that space as nest. bats, birds, foxes, mouses, all kinds of animals can go in there and live there happily ever after. changing the attic would also mean that i have to reorganize the wiring for the house since there are wires everywhere in the attic. oh yeah, id love to change my lines to fibre optic if i can tired of shitty lines.

well, for starter during my holiday, i just help to clean the house compound a bit trimming the trees and repair the veg garden (which end up being completely removed after few days due to the storm wrecking up the whole thing). my backyard is like a forest now that i can hardly see my geese and chickens. oh also did put tiles and cement for the water filter and pipe. last one broke because there was no foundation for the tile at all. just bricks, sand, a bit of cement. no wonder it broke.

i also want to change certain things in the house like replacing things with a new one. like toilet and fan. nevertheless, all these will require money and time which i dont have right now ^^

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

ramadhan kareem

ramadhan kembali lagi!!! and this year i get to fast at home with my family. that means i get to eat lots of stuff and different kind of food haha. anyway, i was thinking that i might be able to reduce some weight during this fasting month since i gained a lot during my summer exam but forget it, with the amount of food my parents prepared, i dont think ill lose any weight. ^^

happy fasting and let this year be better than the previous years and increase our ibadat during this holy month.

anyway, my laptop completely broke down and i have no comp at home so i wont be posting much. well, i do post less during holiday since i usually occupy myself playign games or something non-computer related and even less if i come back home since internet in malaysia is a bit slow. well, i hope i can draw a pic for hari raya this year.

Friday, 13 June 2014

The last of us

I know I know. I'm 1 year late probably more than that but nevermind. Finally, I've finished watching the game. yup I dont play it because I dont have any console to play, so I just watch the walkthrough.

I watched RadBrad's walkthrough in youtube. this guy is bad, i mean really bad but I like his walkthrough because he makes it funny. well, thats probably because I dont play the game. most people would cringe badly due to his lack of skills int he game.

So, yeah. I'd say I'm impressed with the game. It was really a great game especially the storyline. full of drama, actions, the ups and downs, I basically enjoyed watching the walkthrough as if Im watching series ^^
I really like the ending part of the game. watched it couple of timess already and plus I enjoyed the soundtrack. theyre good. Many people argue about the ending like humanity, selfishness, blablabla, I personally think that this is all about concern. if only they let Joel go talk to Ellie for the last time before they start the operation all these might not happen. Ellie might go and say yes and Joel will return alone. everything's settled. pffft talk about legality..... anyway, think Im gonna watch it again after i finish my exam. I already have suggestion on games like heavy rain to watch. they say it's a good game.

the ending scene

well for now I have to focus on my exam first. endure and survive ^^

Friday, 30 May 2014

life of a bachelor


but during exam period even these things are not touched. 

Monday, 19 May 2014


ever heard of this word? it's more like being brainwashed or something becoming a norm in your life.

I went to central mental hospital for my psychiatry specialty placement. it is a place where dangerous psych patients are sent to. most are due to homicide. when i first arrived at the gate of the hospital it felt like im going into jurassic park with high metal wall and fences but then the hospital itself doesnt look that scary as in what we all expect from asylum in horror movies where patients are held in small room wearing arm wrapping clothes. they all seems like a normal hospital though the abandoned part of the hospital did have asylum feeling environment. wonder if there are lots of ghost here hehehe. putting that aside the hospital have a lovely part like farm and garden. the patients are allowed to tend the pigs, chickens and they can even be a beekeeper. pretty cool. there other pets like dog, fishes, and turtle too. love to play with them.

anyway, back to the institutionalize topic, if i were to be in jail, i would rather come here though i might end up being stuck in here for a very long time. in fact, it did cross my mind to try to live in this kind of facility. I've had this kind of living for almost a decade that I've been institutionalized. you see living in boarding school to me is no different than living in in prison or this facility. you're cut out from outer world, your life revolves in the facility everyday, and the difference is just which place have a tighter rules. that's why i dont mind living inside here. after all, i dont mind being alone

institutionalized part in shawshank redemption

Saturday, 10 May 2014

teh susu

i used to not drink teh susu but not anymore. nevertheless, mine is more like irish tea. tea with milk only. not susu pekat manis that make the drink sickly sweet. i wonder if malaysian will like this version of milk tea instead of the usual super sweet tea?

btw, I read about what ISMA president said few days ago. seriously, I dont feel like staying at Malaysia at all tbh. what the hell? it has been more than 50 years and you're still saying other races are outsiders and the land belong only to malay? seriously? It's freaking 57 YEARS already!!! move on la... the country is made up of different races and you have to accept that. it's so ironic that we're proud being a multicultural country but claiming that this land belong to only one race while others will have to respect and be treated as outsiders... this is nonsense. you fight for religion, not race. dont mix them together. Islam never mention that it belongs to one race.

regarding your statement about fact from history, that statement is true if you live 60 years ago but not now. all the chinese and indians are born here and they have been living here for generations already.

I'm not going to touch about hudud issue here. you want to legalize hudud, be my guest. I'll gladly accept it and support it. why cant we just impose hudud law on the muslim first and see how does it go. if it's a really good law, surely others will accept them in the future. many people are afraid of hudud because they dont know about the law. after all people are afraid of the unknown. we dont have to care about non muslim going against hudud if we implement it only on muslim first. to the muslim going against this law, shame on you for calling yourself a muslim. go read the quran.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

meranting lagi

you know what makes me sad? when people waste food. dont waste your food. you can never know when you will run out of food.

you know what makes me mad? insincere praises. feels like slapping them hard so that they will stop spouting bullshit. we all do that but seriously, everything has its own limit. oh btw, this thing is so common in med students it's so annoying. t(-.-)t this is one of the reason when i want a "me time" so that i dont have to listen to this kind of thing. when i say me time i mean alone, no one else.

oh btw, lama x gi majlis agama macam solat hajat or ceramah. went to one last week ^^
used to have this every week during school and college life though

and im so lazy to cook nowadays i can just microwave my chicken and eat it with rice after that. of course, add some condiments for flavouring

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Al-Humazah (Pengumpat)

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang

Celakalah bagi setiap pengumpat dan pencela,
yang mengumpulkan harta dan menghitung-hitungnya,
dia (manusia) mengira mengira bahawa hartanya itu dapat mengekalkannya.
Sekali-kali tidak! Pasti dia akan dilemparkan ke dalam neraka Hutamah
Dan tahukah kamu apakah (neraka) Hutamah itu?
(Iaitu) api (azab) Allah yang dinyalakan,
yang (membakar) sampai ke hati.
Sungguh, api itu ditutup rapat di atas mereka,
(sedangkan mereka itu) diikat pada tiang-tiang yang panjang.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

elfen lied

this is a manga regarding alien/special human with powerful abilities that can kill people easily. this manga contains lots of nudity, gore, killing, and it also have the romance and feelings's not like the usual manga or anime with cute characters and cute story line or action type manga..well you get what i mean 

I had a friend. everyone labelled him as weirdo since his interest is a bit different from people in the college. he used to watch elfen lied and showed the killing part to the people around. of course they wont feel comfortable with that kind of video even me and people be like EEEEEEEWWWW. i havent read this manga at that time so i didnt know it was elfen lied. but then when i watched the music video i remember it was that video that he showed us. I heard people said that he used to always play a scary,freaky song in his room at night. i bet it was this anime's song. the song was kinda sad and yeah not many people will like iti know because i ge the same look from other people when i played this song.

anyway, he's not my friend anymore. he wanted to cut all ties with his friends and that's what happened. wonder how he's doing right now.

i think it was this video that he showed us and the song that he played in his room.
the song's title is lilium. it's the opening song

thisis the ending song, Be Your Girl

Monday, 24 March 2014


well, I planned a lot for myself but I realized that I dont follow them at all. I dont have the determination at all. anyway, that's me being lazy and procrastinating everything.

oh btw, I started to sketch back though I dont really know what brings me to do it. just a pic everyday and simple pics.


and yeah found myself a new band. this one combined violin and electric which is good. been listening to them for these past few days. probably because I was listening to orchestra type of music before this haha

Rather Be by Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynne
when I'm with you there's no place I'd rather be

Dust Clears by Clean Bandit

Monday, 17 March 2014

inner conversation

when i was in Donegal I cycled a lpt as everything is really far from my B&B. even the nearest shop is 3Km away. the nearest town, Dungloe is 15Km away my place and therefore it is impossible for me to travel on feet. there are only 2 bus going to the town everyday which is at 7am or 11am. so you get the idea of how remote is that place.

I cycled to the town few times and one day I was cycling to Dungloe because I want to buy tangerines (those small seedless oranges). Yup, I cycled for 30Km just to buy oranges and then go back home. The whole journey was full of going up and downhill. there's this part where i have to go up hill for quite sometimes as it is a big hill. so then I had this kind of monologue between the body parts.

body: go leg. keep on cycling. we can do this.
leg: shut up Im the one doing all the work here. youre just sitting lazily doing nothing. got youre so heavy lose some fucking weight you fat idiot. 
body: well i do get to lose some weight during cycling 
leg: and why do i have to do the work for you? do your own exercise 
body: i dont care. I want to eat those oranges and they tastes so good. oh we all want to eat those oranges.
leg: to hell with your wants. why do i have to do the work for you then. go get it yourself. hey brain think please
brain: ........

brain at the moment was at a dormant state which only operate in case there's emergency to let the other part use more energy.

body: anyway, we all want to finish this mission cuz we dont want to cycle halfway for nothing and we dont want to stuck here in the middle of the road arguing
leg: i agree. so lets just focus on the road first.

also during that time, the ear is like the entertainer or pa system in workplace where it provide songs which boost the moral support for the others. when we were going uphhill, slow songs help to keep everything calm and party songs are good during the rest(downhill) and when we managed to finish our mission.

The brain only realised later that it was quite idiot to cycle for 30Km just to buy oranges. well we actually went 40Km as we continued to cycle to the next town 

a short sketching practice after god knows how long ive stopped. copied from shortpinay(deviantart)

Monday, 10 March 2014

slieve league

This is a long post. just a story about an event.

I wanted to post about my place, Lettermacaward and the things that I did here but I'll just skip all that and post about Slieve League. That's the name of a league of mountains south Donegal opposite Sligo. Well, just look in the google map if you want to see the exact location. Basically I went hiking with my friends over there during weekends. It was an unplanned event for me as I just joined them one day before the event.

Here's how the story went. On Friday, I went to Letterkenny to attend a tutorial about diabetes with my friends all around Donegal. I cycled to Dungloe early in the morning and get a ride with my friends to Letterkenny from there. I decided to cycle to Letterkenny at first but then I realized that the distance is about 50Km and I was like there's no fucking way I'm going to cycle there. that would take me a day not to mention the windy road and its all up and down hill all the way and I would have died before I reached there. so that's why I decided to cycle to Dungloe which is only 15Km away from my place.

when I heard about this hiking thingy I decided to stay with Tom(the guy that I carpooled with) at Letterkenny as he was going to go to Slieve League straight from there on the next day but then he said there's no way I can join with what I have with me at that time (only had a set of formal clothes and a set of cycling suit) since Im gonna get really wet and cold. So, me wanting to hike really badly as my last hiking was like 7 years ago at mount Kinabalu decided to take a bus to go back to Dungloe and cycle back home that very evening (couldnt leave my precious bike there) and I took a bus early in the morning to go to Donegal town where Tom will pick me up there.

The map of the place. There are few hiking route and we took the pilgrim path. 
upon arriving there were lots of sheep. they just follow us expecting to be given food

the view of the town from our starting place.

and we are going to the top of the mountain. 
and up we go. the road was like thisat the beginning but when we started to go steep it started to get tough
These are my fit friends that went hiking together.
I said fit because they all have no problem hiking as if theyre just having a stroll. even the girl beat me. my ego was smashed into pieces at that moment. Breathless me said to myself "There's no fucking way I'm gonna get left behind" and so I tried the best I can not to slow the group while conserving my energy. That explains the no picture during the hike. Gotta focus on hiking. Besides, I'm only hiking using snickers which made the hiking harder due to the slippery surfaces and muddy areas just slowed me down a lot. Anyway, I found out later that she is used to hiking (more like hardcore hiker) and she always go hiking with her boyfriend. they even hiked alps mountains and gonna go again this summer. dayum!!

saw this right before we reach the peak. haha guess someone overnight here.
We're almost at the peak now. the ground was wet and full of bogs, vision was not that good since we're in the cloud. our only guidance were the yellow stones in the pictures that served as guidance along the hiking path
We've reached the peak and were sitting at the cliff of the mountain. the white background was probably due to the cloud. Mind you the wind was so strong that none of us dare to stand straight. we walked slow and low to avoid getting blown off by the wind.
The view from the cliff. Heaven is opening up over there in the middle of the ocean.
another view from the cliff
We're supposed to walk pass this narrow path to get to the highest pointbut there's no way were going to risk it. With the wind blowing fiercely, narrow slippery path, and it's 2000ft cliff on both sides of the path. NOPE!
The view of the land from the peak 
and when we get abck down we had a rest at this mini waterfall. the wind was so strong the the water was going upward instead of gong down. we were hit from water below us not above us. lol
and this is what the wind has done to my hair. 

we went to the viewing point of the sea after we climbed down the mountain. see the top right above my head? that's where we went 

so HD. cant describe more.
hiking path from the viewing point. we didnt use this path as this was much more treacherous compared to the one we had. lots of narrow path 
and yeah we brought a canoe all the way up to the mountain. We're worried the whole journey as the canoe was shaking so violently whenever the wind blew. dont want the canoe to be blown off or worse, the car roof gave away. 
Insta this!

from this event i realised how unfit I am that I cant even be compared to a girl. my legs were doing just fine as I cycled a lot. I can climb the steep mountain and jump but it's my back that gave away. gosh I sound like an old man. need to train my cardio and and get fit again. probably gonna go hike again in few more days ^^

oh btw, orange tastes so good at the top of mountain.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I was following my gp for night shift at derrybeg(google it) from 6pm to 12am. It was a long quiet night. with only 5 patients in total that we met. 3 of them came to the center and we went to their house for the remaining 2. so i was able to get a bit of traveling around the county going to the houses.

one of the patients that came to the center was a man im guessing around mid 30s. he came complaining of severe diffused pain around his abdomen that radiated to his back. he did mentioned that he has had this pain for quite sometimes but it got really worse this evening and he just cant bear with it and had to stop his work. He only get analgesics for his previous pain. He has had abdo ct scan but it all came up clear. so my gp took his vital signs and do abdominal examination while he keeps on crying in pain. he even puked a bit. since we cant find whats wrong with him my gp decided to give him morphine as he is in excruciating pain.

as he was preparing the the drug....
Pt: what are you gonna give me doc?
GP: something strong
Pt: i was given painkillers before but thye didnt work and they had to give me morphine to relieve the pain

and so my GP gave him an injection of morphine but damn that man's veins were so hard to find we kept going up and down left and right searching for good vein. took us for quite sometimes.

during that process i was a bit panicking as we took so much time to deliver the treatment but my gp just remain calm and he was humming while do examinations and stuffs.

then, during our free time i asked him regarding the patient and discussed with him. so i gave him my ddx like gall stones, or kidney stones etc etc. my gp nonchalantly said that he might be a drug addict that just wanted to get morphine. i was like "whaaaat????" didnt think of that. then my gp explained that this is not his first time here in the center and there's no finding from his examination. normal pulse, normal blood pressure which can be elevated if he was in serious pain. even when he was palpating the abdomen the patient didnt show any consistency with the location of the pain and he's not even guarding though he said his pain was unbearable.

that left me with a big "oooooooo" though he still gave the morphine shot because the patient might be in real pain and he need to go to the hospital which i dont know how far is it from here. probably about 1 hour drive.

Monday, 3 March 2014


Thats the name of my placement for outside Dublin. Its located northwest to dublin or west to Belfast. It took me 4 hours by bus to Donegal town and then another hour by car from the town to reach this place. so in total it takes 5 hours of travelling. it is a really far and remote place.... but i like it.

the first thing that i like is that it is so remote that at night you can see all the stars in the sky since there's no light pollution here. the only light source you can get are from the stars, moon, and light from the houses around this area which are not many and far apart from each other. there isnt lamp post along the road at all. so yeah its a great place for me to stargaze and watch all the constellation ^^. heck i even started to look at the sky even in the car.

then this area is close to the sea which im expecting to get fresh fish and at cheap price. and yeah i can enjoy the wind, listening to the waves and watch seagull flying around. not to mention feeling the salty air that I havent feel for a very long time.

and here in countryside, there wont be noises during the night. no drunk people shouting, no noise from the dump truck early in the morning. its absolutely quite. and since there isnt any light pollution i can sleep in total darkness. thats what i call quality sleep.

oh btw heres a few pic that i took.
dusk on the way to donegal

a town that i pass by right before i reach donegal.
cant take anymore pictures after that because it gets too dark

living room in my apartmentthe bed is actually a sofa that can be turned into a bed.
i have 2 tv systems. one for irish and 1 for germany (landlord are germany couple)

toilet looks neat 

I evewn have a mini kitchen here. yeay all the facilities are provided. i can cook ^^

if you see the stairs in the living room picture, it leads to the attic which is the real bedroom
there's a window to look at the sky 

i didnt take any picture of the place as all i can see are darkness. even the sea just looks like and area of pitch black . ill wait for tomorrow. im already starting to like this place the moment i reach here. gonna try to cycle around when i have free time. oh and i bring my bike all the way from dublin hehehe it will come in handy.

Sunday, 23 February 2014


I attended medball yesterday. it was my first time and probably gonna be my last one too for I dont think I will be attending it again during my final year. I had few problems like getting suits and shoes since I completely forgot that I had thrown away my leather shoes before. well, I manage to get those by luck in the end though.

the med ball itself is nothing more than drowning yourself in alcohol and become ecstasy the event is just full with alcohol from the very beginning to the end until the after party.being one of the few people that remain sober all the time does makes you out of place (well its actually more because of socially stunted me). the first part is just drinking session and then come the appetizers, main course and dessert. at this stage I only Liked the dessert part because it was good. the rest are just~ meh... okay. then come the dj and a band singing for us while the people dance on the floor including me. the ballroom turned into a disco and that was the best part in medball. so we danced for like 4 hours till 2 in the morning.^^ putting these asides, I like to watch people getting drunk and how they completely change into completely different person. and yeah watching the people dancing..... it was kind of funny to see them. I myself probably looked like an idiot wriggling around hahaa

selfie on the way to the ball
with the only girl wearing hijab in the ball
with malaysian mates
singaporean mate
one of my best partners throughout med school
selfie on the dance floor
I dont care.. I love it
ballroom becoming club
I like to move it move it 
so we put our hands up like the ceiling cant hold us
4th year lads. 
calling it a day. everyone exhausted and getting wasted
by the way, i totally wasted my whole Sunday because i was too tired