Monday, 17 March 2014

inner conversation

when i was in Donegal I cycled a lpt as everything is really far from my B&B. even the nearest shop is 3Km away. the nearest town, Dungloe is 15Km away my place and therefore it is impossible for me to travel on feet. there are only 2 bus going to the town everyday which is at 7am or 11am. so you get the idea of how remote is that place.

I cycled to the town few times and one day I was cycling to Dungloe because I want to buy tangerines (those small seedless oranges). Yup, I cycled for 30Km just to buy oranges and then go back home. The whole journey was full of going up and downhill. there's this part where i have to go up hill for quite sometimes as it is a big hill. so then I had this kind of monologue between the body parts.

body: go leg. keep on cycling. we can do this.
leg: shut up Im the one doing all the work here. youre just sitting lazily doing nothing. got youre so heavy lose some fucking weight you fat idiot. 
body: well i do get to lose some weight during cycling 
leg: and why do i have to do the work for you? do your own exercise 
body: i dont care. I want to eat those oranges and they tastes so good. oh we all want to eat those oranges.
leg: to hell with your wants. why do i have to do the work for you then. go get it yourself. hey brain think please
brain: ........

brain at the moment was at a dormant state which only operate in case there's emergency to let the other part use more energy.

body: anyway, we all want to finish this mission cuz we dont want to cycle halfway for nothing and we dont want to stuck here in the middle of the road arguing
leg: i agree. so lets just focus on the road first.

also during that time, the ear is like the entertainer or pa system in workplace where it provide songs which boost the moral support for the others. when we were going uphhill, slow songs help to keep everything calm and party songs are good during the rest(downhill) and when we managed to finish our mission.

The brain only realised later that it was quite idiot to cycle for 30Km just to buy oranges. well we actually went 40Km as we continued to cycle to the next town 

a short sketching practice after god knows how long ive stopped. copied from shortpinay(deviantart)