Monday, 3 March 2014


Thats the name of my placement for outside Dublin. Its located northwest to dublin or west to Belfast. It took me 4 hours by bus to Donegal town and then another hour by car from the town to reach this place. so in total it takes 5 hours of travelling. it is a really far and remote place.... but i like it.

the first thing that i like is that it is so remote that at night you can see all the stars in the sky since there's no light pollution here. the only light source you can get are from the stars, moon, and light from the houses around this area which are not many and far apart from each other. there isnt lamp post along the road at all. so yeah its a great place for me to stargaze and watch all the constellation ^^. heck i even started to look at the sky even in the car.

then this area is close to the sea which im expecting to get fresh fish and at cheap price. and yeah i can enjoy the wind, listening to the waves and watch seagull flying around. not to mention feeling the salty air that I havent feel for a very long time.

and here in countryside, there wont be noises during the night. no drunk people shouting, no noise from the dump truck early in the morning. its absolutely quite. and since there isnt any light pollution i can sleep in total darkness. thats what i call quality sleep.

oh btw heres a few pic that i took.
dusk on the way to donegal

a town that i pass by right before i reach donegal.
cant take anymore pictures after that because it gets too dark

living room in my apartmentthe bed is actually a sofa that can be turned into a bed.
i have 2 tv systems. one for irish and 1 for germany (landlord are germany couple)

toilet looks neat 

I evewn have a mini kitchen here. yeay all the facilities are provided. i can cook ^^

if you see the stairs in the living room picture, it leads to the attic which is the real bedroom
there's a window to look at the sky 

i didnt take any picture of the place as all i can see are darkness. even the sea just looks like and area of pitch black . ill wait for tomorrow. im already starting to like this place the moment i reach here. gonna try to cycle around when i have free time. oh and i bring my bike all the way from dublin hehehe it will come in handy.

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