Thursday, 20 November 2014


recognize the title?

Its what i type when I post music on fb. just me listening to songs using headphone. I've been looking for new songs and different genre to listen to. all kind of songs regardless of the language, age, or genre.

recently I'm into dubstep variation and DnB (drums and basses). kinda cool and catchy. love them. for DnB I tried monstercat productions. It is an independent music producer. also, I listen to xkito music (dont know whether it's a producer or not) for dubstep variation music. just search them on youtube and youll find their acc.

here's some of the newly songs that i listen to.

Feint - Lift (DnB)
Love his music

aKu - The Final Blow
i like this song because of the guzheng and erhu. nevertheless great piece

TheFatRat - Unity
glitch hop

you just have to check them out yourself for more songs^^

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

rain rain

since its raining heavily here in Ireland, it just reminds me of the monsoon history poem that I learnt back in secondary school. It is rainy season in Malaysia right now especially in north east of the peninsular. yeah I do drink milo looking at the rain that pouring down the city, the grey sky, the damp mood of the house. feels good I love rain

Monsoon History

The air is wet,
Soaks bring up into mattresses,
And curls in apparitions of smoke.
Like fat white slugs furled among the timber,
Or silver fish tunneling the damp linen covers of
Or walking
Quietly like centipedes, 
The air walking everywhere
On its hundred feet
Is filled with the glare of tropical water.

Again we are taken over by clouds and rolling darkness.
Small snails appear
Clashing their timid horns
Among the morning glory vines.

Drinking Milo,
Nyonya and baba sit at home.
This was forty years ago.
Sarong-wrapped they counted silver paper for the
Portraits of grandfathers
Hung always in the parlour.

Reading Tennyson, at six p.m. in pajamas,
Listening to down-pouring rain: 
The air ticks with gnats, black spiders fly,
Moths sweep out of our rooms
Where termites built their hills of eggs and queens
zoom in heat,
We wash our feet for bed,
Watch mother uncoil her snake hair,
Unbuckle the silver mesh around her waist,
Waiting for father pacing the sand as fishers pull
From the straits after monsoon. 

The air is still, silent
Like sleepers rocked in the pantun,
Sheltered by Malacca. 
This was forty years ago,
When nyonya married baba.

Saturday, 8 November 2014


antara banyak2 skill kemahiran hidup menjahit adalah skill paling aku x pandai. well, sewing is just not my thing the last time i use needle and thread was when i was in secondary school doing my kemahiran hidup class. after that no more.

so I've been having problem with my clothing here since they dont provide alteration service here in penneys(it's like a rm2 shop in msia but much better). I got fed up with having to fold my trousers everytime i use it and yesterday i decided to necro my sewing skill that has been dead long ago. the reason i dont send it to my tailor is because it is very expensive to alter the pants. cost me 10eu (around rm40) to alter my pants even for 1 inch and this pant that i do is not worth sending to the shop. it costs me 5 to buy it and 10 to alter it? pffft.

i didnt cut my pants as that will require me to use a machine to sew back. dont know what is it called, the end of the know what i mean. anyway, i decided to do a temporary alteration which require me to fold the pants inward and sew them.

beginning my operation alter sang hijau using google as my teacher.
measure, mark and pakai jarum peniti
the end result. not that beautiful but whod go to the bottom of the pant to observe this kind of thing?
how the inside part looks like. 
voila. sebelah siap sebelah belum

the beginning part was like a big obstacle for me as i need to learn about sewing from scratch. all the sewing term was like a complex jargon to me hahaha. had to learn the basic jahitan jelujur and jahitan aki to start and finish the sewing. the rest is just up to my creativity.

well, i actually undo all my work and start everything again after that because I used the wrong measurement. so back to sewing on my comfy sofa while watching Gotham series with my roomate ^^

Sunday, 2 November 2014


dont forget to pray to god. regardless of what we do in our life, god is the one that decides the outcome. remember, He is the best planner. if we're fated to succeed in something no matter what happen we will reach the end point and if He decides that one will fail, no matter how hard one struggles, the result will be the same. 

Nevertheless, He wont let all your hardwork go to waste. God will surely help you if you to succeed in your undertaking when you work for it. If you failed, He must have planned something else for you. It can be a test, or whatever but surely all your effort will not go to waste as long as you hold your faith in him. we can never know about our future, all we can do is plan and do our best. the rest we leave it to god.

thats why dont stress much about our future. we can plan, we can work for our plan but the end say will always belong to the god. we can only work on the current issue and not the future nor the past. 

remember folks, do our best, pray to the god, and have faith in Him no matter what happen.