Saturday, 14 November 2015

Starcraft II

so im going back to starcraft and yes i love it so much. the cinematic the lore and story line, but one thing i lack is the capabilities to play the game. i suck hard in playing rts but oh well im improving a lot.  started from wing of liberty and doing all the missions so far im 3 missions away from finishing wings of liberty campaign. i also tried to get the achievements as much as i can. well who doesnt like achievement? 

anyway i started playing since i cant find any let's play video of starcraft 2 that satisfy me and voila here i am playing the game myself exploring everything.

trailer for the 3rd expansion: Legacy of the Void. blizzard is so good at making cinematic i wish there can be movie from the game. but tbh between all 3 cinematic, HotS is the best