Thursday, 18 June 2015


so my azam for this year is not to miss even a single terawih. hehe
btw, i'm adjusting life to fasting right now. being me i always forget that im fasting and end up doing stuffs like eating or drinking or korek hidung lol. and then i only realize that im fasting after ive done them. well it's less likely for me to do that in ramadhan since everyone around me is fasting. now lets improve ourselves during this month and do more prayer. and try not to waste food when we're breaking fast. that just beat the purpose of fasting. happy ramadhan and happy fasting all

Monday, 1 June 2015

sad food

I had my saddest food 2 days ago. its chicken boiled in plain water with brown rice. the soup is the plain water. that was my lunch and dinner. i only manage to add some cheese to them but it went worse. oh well thats the only ingredients i have in the house.

i was moving to a new house and i stayed in the old house to clean it back so i have no choice but to eat whats there in the house.the past 3 days have been so exhaustingi feel like having fever last night. carrying stuffs, cleaning, scrubbing, sorting out stuffs and now i need to settle down on new house. which is a pain too. on the other hand, i manage to make a short table by using my friend's broken study table. with a lil bit of hammering voila, a mini japanese table(ye la kot) for me hehe. i use it as my computer table