Monday, 1 June 2015

sad food

I had my saddest food 2 days ago. its chicken boiled in plain water with brown rice. the soup is the plain water. that was my lunch and dinner. i only manage to add some cheese to them but it went worse. oh well thats the only ingredients i have in the house.

i was moving to a new house and i stayed in the old house to clean it back so i have no choice but to eat whats there in the house.the past 3 days have been so exhaustingi feel like having fever last night. carrying stuffs, cleaning, scrubbing, sorting out stuffs and now i need to settle down on new house. which is a pain too. on the other hand, i manage to make a short table by using my friend's broken study table. with a lil bit of hammering voila, a mini japanese table(ye la kot) for me hehe. i use it as my computer table

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