Monday, 31 December 2012

food for exam

we all know for students, one of the biggest obstacles is exam. during exam period anything can happen like one suddenly become super hygienic, or super lazy, or even anti social as what we usually call caveman. people change lifestyle in order to prepare for the upcoming exam be it sleep cycle, daily activities, or food intake. so lets see what do i eat during exam period.

since im so lazy, i dont cook during exam. so i basically eat raw stuffs. sounds cannibal eyh? well, most of them are veggies. theyre easy to handle. rinse them, chop, and eat. that saves me lots of time. for meat i opt for canned tuna maybe. but still i can just marinade chicken with tumeric and cook it using oven if i really want to eat chicken.

tuna sandwich!!!

finishing all the veggies before going on a trip after the exam
god i feel so healthy eating these veggies raw. lol all these thanks to my laziness. boleh awet muda ni heuheuheu

oh by the way, i also did try to make express brownies during this exam period just for fun and the result was i had sugar overload. it was easy, simple, delicioud and not time consuming. happy brownie eating everyday.

oh well credit to whoever post this on 9gag. brownie in a mug SIAP!!!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

ego yang tinggi

baru ku sedari cintaku bertepuk sebelah tangan. kau buat remuk seluruh hati ku......
cakap pasal ego ni, ramai orang yang x berkawan lepas gado sebab ego. ego x nak bersapa sebab masing-masing xnak tundukkan kepala.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Mr.nice guy

we are taught to be nice and good. why? because everybody love it. be nice to other people and they will be nice to you back. true  it's like karma. what you give you get this is not a scorpion's song.

anyway, am i nice? i mean do i act like a good man? sometimes, people say that i am good cuz i dont judge people. actually it's not that i dont judge. i do that a lot. it's just that i dont care. im just being ignorant which makes me look like not judging people. thats why i can become polite, nice and good. because i dont care about others. oh the drawback of being ignorant is that i lack empathy which is not so good for my future career huehuehue

Thursday, 13 December 2012

number game

i did post a probability question before here so now let's play another number game.

in a test, there are 50 true or false questions. if a student manage to get only 17 questions right and wrong for the rest, his score will only be 1%. how many questions that student need to get right if he answers all the questions in order to pass the test given that the passing mark is 50%.

I'm not gonna bother to ask about the probability here as we already knew no matter what marks we want to get that the answer will always be 50% for true or false question.

oh btw, I do ponder whether the act of the student reading the questions do affect the marks that they will get instead of them guessing the answer blindly without even reading the questions at all. will one have a possibility to get higher marks if one reads the questions? I'd like to do a test for this one but i dont think that i can do it since im doing medic now. it's just a simple test but, oh well......

Monday, 10 December 2012

winter exam

tomorrow will be the start of exam week. AND ALSO WINTER HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so good luck to my fellow friends and do your best. we're almost there. 

Sunday, 9 December 2012


what is arrhythmia? you must be kidding me. it's exam period and you dont even know that term? yup im dead serious what is arrhythmia? panic attack can cause you to forget even the simplest thing in the world. nevertheless, dont forget to use B2 blocker agonist for asthma treatment. heehee. im not being retard right now but im just being plain idiot. bollocks