Sunday, 9 December 2012


what is arrhythmia? you must be kidding me. it's exam period and you dont even know that term? yup im dead serious what is arrhythmia? panic attack can cause you to forget even the simplest thing in the world. nevertheless, dont forget to use B2 blocker agonist for asthma treatment. heehee. im not being retard right now but im just being plain idiot. bollocks


  1. arrythmia basically is irregular beat of your heart. tachy or brachy.
    cant explain further about the meds since i have not read it yet
    where as asthma use b-blocker2 because.. wait should it be b-agonist. well im fucked up as well.

  2. oh shit i screw up that as well. yes it is b agonist salbutamol. see. told you mistake like this always happen during exam