Friday, 21 December 2012

Mr.nice guy

we are taught to be nice and good. why? because everybody love it. be nice to other people and they will be nice to you back. true  it's like karma. what you give you get this is not a scorpion's song.

anyway, am i nice? i mean do i act like a good man? sometimes, people say that i am good cuz i dont judge people. actually it's not that i dont judge. i do that a lot. it's just that i dont care. im just being ignorant which makes me look like not judging people. thats why i can become polite, nice and good. because i dont care about others. oh the drawback of being ignorant is that i lack empathy which is not so good for my future career huehuehue


  1. Yup. You don't judge people. That's why I like you. :p

  2. Medics are trained, nurtured to shut down the feelings. Because medicine is not about saving people, it is about doing the right thing:)

    Everyone judges. But our actions are counted.

    1. oh this is not beacuse of medic life.