Friday, 26 September 2014

can i wish for my birthday gift?

you guys know the new release of WoW extension? probably not unless youre into it. WoW is world of warcraft fyi. i think ive posted about it in the previous post so no need for any explanation. I've been playinthe game to follow the lore and i just found out that they did produce novels based on the game for the expansions. I was like whoaaaaa I really want to buy those books. If I start to buy one book then Ill definitely gonna buy all warcraft novels but this items fall into the birthday gift list which means Its highly unlikely for me to buy it. If anyone want to buy me a present pls get me the novels. lol I think if Im not in fifth year Id have bought some from amazon ^^

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

C-pen dan G-pen

pernah dengar x c-pen dan g-pen? dorang bukan size bukan jenis dan bukannye pen. c pen adalah singkatan untuk si pendek. tiba-tiba aku pakai bnde ni balik tak tahu apasal. guna bnde ni masa sekolah menengah dulu. "mana la pergi sipen ni...." kata hatiku ketika mencari orang yang pendek. ceh padahal x sedar diri tu x tinggi mana.

G pen? tu singkatna tuk gemuk pendek. kitornag bg nama ni kat senior kitorang yang gemuk pendek dan dia ni macam suka menunjuk sikit hahaha. "gpen da datang doh"

Saturday, 13 September 2014

steamed fish and fried spinach

today I had steamed sea bass and fried spinach with garlic for my lunch. OMG!!! this is sooo good!! it has been ages since I last ate this dish.I know it is just a simple dish but it tasted so good and it brings back memories lol. steamed seabass with ginger and leeks sliced thinly added with sesame oil and light soy sauce for flavouring, the taste is simple yet delicious. this ate together with fried spinach and a bowl of rice is enough to fill me for the whole day. since the fish is steamed, the juiciness of the flesh and fat are still there. i just love it. definitely gonna try to do it myself but first i have to figure out how can i steam food w/o a steamer or i have to buy a steamer first.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

good day bad day

last Friday was really something. I have to go out of the house at 6 am in the morning as usual since i have surgical attachment. It was my last day though because I cant extend the attachment for another 2 more weeks. so that morning we had a grand round and I really wanted to listen to my registrar's presentation about GIST but guest what I slept through her whole presentation and only woke up when people clapped their hands at the end of presentation. what a down. 

oh i forgot something happen before that, i was fined for using the trem without ticket. well, I forgot to bring my ticket and it just happened that the staffs were there to check the ticket. yeay, I was fined for 45 eu. that's like 1 month fare of commuting to the hospital. 

then everything went okay at the hospital except when my consultant ask me to take a room in the opd and meet the patients. i was like what no what do you want me to do? so i just take a history and do exam and present it to the reg and consultant which turns out to be good thing for me. yeay for that. i also got signed off good.

but then things went down hill when i forgot to get my jacket on my way back home and it just happen that i left my house key inside the jacket on that day instead of in my bag.  hurray now i cant get into my house. im not gonna go back to the hospital because that will took me almost 2 hours for the whole to and fro trip. besides, i dont want to buy anymore ticket for the trem. so i went back home straight hoping that my housemate will be there to open the door for me. i cant call them because my phone's battery died. forgot to charge them night before. and yeah as i expected, none of them are at home.

there are 3 people in the house currently, 1 is outside dublin for attachment but he was coming back on that day. its just he will reach home late evening. the other one was going to class which i was hoping for him to come back early. guess what, he didnt come back at all till late saturday night. went to his friends house...... so I just sat at the corridor waiting for my friend to come back and i slept there like a hobo but with a formal clothes. yeah a formal hobo.

luckily my arab neighbour who lives opposite of my house saw me and invited me into his house so i can rest while waiting for my friends to come back. i got to charge my phone too. so eventually i get to enter my house at almost 6 pm. waited for 4 hours and i could have waited at the corridor for 4 hours. thanks friendly neighbour. yeah we get to know each other and made friends. the whole thing wasnt that bad at all.

oh yeah one last thing is that i got my exam result which i passed at the end of the day. yeay for that

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

lock and key

someone asked why is it okay for boys to have many girlfriends but not vice versa. a girl having many boyfriends is a blasphemy. and then someone used this analogy of lock and key. no its not like the enzyme and substrate lock and key hypothesis. a boy is the key and a girl is the lock. what happen when a key can open lots of locks? we call it master key but what happen when a lock can be opened by many keys? it is not a good lock. so you get what i mean? if im not mistaken my friend told me about this from amovie somewhere... cant remember...regardless of that it is still wrong for both sides actually  haha