Wednesday, 3 September 2014

lock and key

someone asked why is it okay for boys to have many girlfriends but not vice versa. a girl having many boyfriends is a blasphemy. and then someone used this analogy of lock and key. no its not like the enzyme and substrate lock and key hypothesis. a boy is the key and a girl is the lock. what happen when a key can open lots of locks? we call it master key but what happen when a lock can be opened by many keys? it is not a good lock. so you get what i mean? if im not mistaken my friend told me about this from amovie somewhere... cant remember...regardless of that it is still wrong for both sides actually  haha


  1. Lawl.
    Putting the lock and key analogy aside, a girl with a lot of boyfriends does look like a slut, regardless. Though maybe girls are just saying this out of spite because girls hate each other ahaahaha

    1. lol all girls are enemy when it comes to love