Tuesday, 19 November 2013

faith in humanity restored

here's a story. one day i had dinner with my colleagues at kebab restaurant. everything was good till the part when were all gonna go back to our own house. that was when sokan started to mention about this MARA clinical program that we all have to attend to pija as she skipped it. then i remember the penalty was that people who didnt go to the program got allowance cut by 300 eu. thats like 1/3 of the month's allowance. so i mockingly said to her "haha habis la ko duit garda x dapat balik" (the fee to for garda card registration which is equal to id card is 300 and we can claim from MARA). she was shocked but i thought she was going along with the situation. so i just couldnt care less and keep laughing at her. after all i'ts her fault. when i reach home from i got a message from her asking whether im serious bout it and at that moment i knew she was serious. nevertheless, there's no use crying over spilt milk, so i just tell her the truth. no point in giving her false hope or sugarcoating it and bam it hit her hard.

the story didnt end there. what i didnt realize was that on the way back home i lost my wallet. must have dropped it when i was cycling in front of my apartment. insidethe wallet contain all my id cards: student, garda, hospitals, malaysia ic and driving licence credit card, etc etc which makes me lose more than her as i have to pay everything to renew each card. i didnt realize it until tomorrow  morning as i was about to go to class and i just couldnt find my wallet. lol what a karma.

luckily after few days i got an email saying taht someone found my wallet and wanted to return it back to me. thank god!!! if this were to happen in Malaysia i dont think i will ever see my wallet back.