Sunday, 23 February 2014


I attended medball yesterday. it was my first time and probably gonna be my last one too for I dont think I will be attending it again during my final year. I had few problems like getting suits and shoes since I completely forgot that I had thrown away my leather shoes before. well, I manage to get those by luck in the end though.

the med ball itself is nothing more than drowning yourself in alcohol and become ecstasy the event is just full with alcohol from the very beginning to the end until the after party.being one of the few people that remain sober all the time does makes you out of place (well its actually more because of socially stunted me). the first part is just drinking session and then come the appetizers, main course and dessert. at this stage I only Liked the dessert part because it was good. the rest are just~ meh... okay. then come the dj and a band singing for us while the people dance on the floor including me. the ballroom turned into a disco and that was the best part in medball. so we danced for like 4 hours till 2 in the morning.^^ putting these asides, I like to watch people getting drunk and how they completely change into completely different person. and yeah watching the people dancing..... it was kind of funny to see them. I myself probably looked like an idiot wriggling around hahaa

selfie on the way to the ball
with the only girl wearing hijab in the ball
with malaysian mates
singaporean mate
one of my best partners throughout med school
selfie on the dance floor
I dont care.. I love it
ballroom becoming club
I like to move it move it 
so we put our hands up like the ceiling cant hold us
4th year lads. 
calling it a day. everyone exhausted and getting wasted
by the way, i totally wasted my whole Sunday because i was too tired 

Saturday, 15 February 2014


popcorn, another food that i like because it is tasty. bak kata orang asyik/ghalik nak makan. doesnt matter if its sweet or salted i like both. so i made my own honey popcorn yesterday to be eaten while watching movie with my housemate. i put sugar, butter, honey, and little bit of mapple syrup. well, things didnt go out well.... i mean things went horribly wrong after that. I was watching videos on youtube and forgot about my popcorn on the stove. guess what? everything's burnt. EVERYTHING!!! there should be half pot of golden whitish fluffy looking popcorn but instead of that, there was a half pot of charcoal like substances with foul smell and oh god how am i disappointed. I was so down that funny video didnt seem funny anymore and ice cream tasted bitter. uh what a let down. 

anyway, i still tried to eat those carcinogenic popcorn(if they can still be called popcorn) and it just added to my depression. uh down gile. anyway, gonna try to make another batch tonight and im not gonna let it burn again.

Popcorn rain!!!

Monday, 10 February 2014

weekend jalan-jalan

yesterday was a great day. Went to Blackrock market with some of my friends. It's a market that sells antique stuffs not veges and groceries. the market itself is not that big but it is an interesting place to go and have a look at these antiquities. all the pictures are from my friends' because I was too lazy to take pictures.
arriving at the blackrock market
with my colleague in the middle of the market
checking out old 'piring'  
jewelries and button badge

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing
getting face paint for free
old pictures in Ireland
old movies shop. lots of movies and dvds 
playing with antique items.
Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson
a 2nd hand novel that i bought for only 3eu from the market
rainbow after drizzle 

we also went to the blackrock centre for further window shopping. my friend bought a board game named Articulate but I didnt get to join them when they play it later in the evening