Saturday, 15 February 2014


popcorn, another food that i like because it is tasty. bak kata orang asyik/ghalik nak makan. doesnt matter if its sweet or salted i like both. so i made my own honey popcorn yesterday to be eaten while watching movie with my housemate. i put sugar, butter, honey, and little bit of mapple syrup. well, things didnt go out well.... i mean things went horribly wrong after that. I was watching videos on youtube and forgot about my popcorn on the stove. guess what? everything's burnt. EVERYTHING!!! there should be half pot of golden whitish fluffy looking popcorn but instead of that, there was a half pot of charcoal like substances with foul smell and oh god how am i disappointed. I was so down that funny video didnt seem funny anymore and ice cream tasted bitter. uh what a let down. 

anyway, i still tried to eat those carcinogenic popcorn(if they can still be called popcorn) and it just added to my depression. uh down gile. anyway, gonna try to make another batch tonight and im not gonna let it burn again.

Popcorn rain!!!

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