Wednesday, 21 September 2011


one of my favourite sports game is basketball. the first time i get to know about basketball when i was in primary school watching slam dunk. i learned to play when i was form 1 in boarding school. I continued to play basketball throughout the secondary school and college life but i dont really get much chance to play. i can only play basketball when i was at school. holiday will be like harry potter where i just stay in my house missing all the games.

i havent touched basketball for almost 2 years by now. missing my friends. if only we can continue to play together like what we used to do...ah those were the days. everytime i hear slam dunk songs i will always remember my basketball friends from jasin and kmb. missing the old days

Saturday, 17 September 2011


there is a time when i feel i miss someone but second after that i feel like nothing.

lets talk bout love. when we reach twenty++ most of us are ready for serious relationship not like during teenagers where we used to have the so called puppy love. and some have already get married at this age. congratulations. hope my friend dont forget to invite me to their wedding. as more of my friends are having relationship now i can see more "koyak" thing happening around me. well it cant be helped. every beginning will come to an end. just dont end your own life ^^

as for myself i dont really get myself involved in this relationship thingy except as the mid person. i have my own reason. oh yeah i prefer to watch the "drama" and sometimes get bit involved into it. it's much better than watching television shows and more interesting. since the time has come i should make a move now but i was too lazy to go search for the suitable woman. perhaps i just need to keep looking till i find one.

these are the categories that i have listed for the women that i liked

the forbidden
the admired
the hope
the rich
the troublesome

ah maybe i just have to go to a girl and just say i love you. end of story

Saturday, 10 September 2011

prepaid only eh

prepaid kene tax 6%??? i have no idea bout that. only realised when my friends started to fret bout it. i have just watched the midnight news and finally understand what is really going on. ^^ ok that was so outdated.

today i bought a RM30 prepaid topup and only paid RM30 not 32. i didnt know about the price hike up. and i only gave the shopkeeper 3 10 ringgit notes while taking the prepaid slip. he said something to me but i didnt hear him well and couldnt be bothered. so i just gave him a nod, smile, and left the counter. now that i think about it maybe the shopkeeper was saying about the price actually. forgive me for the ignorance teehehehehee.

afterall, having a 6% tax for prepaid doesnt really affect me. not that im bragging that i have the money to spend all i want but the thing is i only topup once every 4 months. RM 30 every 4 months... awesome

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

4 digit

4 digit is very popular in our country especially amongst chinese. of all the races in malaysia, chinese buy 4 digit the most. 4 digit is also known as 'nombor ekor'. 4D is very popular that small town like jasin also have magnum and toto. and those shops are already established there long before kfc come to the town.

the game is simple, buy a 4 digit ticket and you win if your number is picked. yap, with just a simple luck one might turn into a millionaire in just a night. that's why 4D is so popular. but you must have the luck or you will end up fucked up. true but that usually happens to those who spend all their money on 4D.

i remember when i was in secondary school, me and my colleagues used to play 4D games. just a simple game pick 3 4D numbers and see whose number hit the prize. we just have to take the results from newspapers. kind of similar to illegal 4D but we didnt place bet. it was only just for fun sake. nevertheless none of us hit the prize. no luck i guess ^^

recently, my friend's bike plate no hit the first prize for 4D and he was like "oh, so rugi la....." lol
people do take vehicle's plate no as 4D like those involved in accidents. btu i never believe in such.