Wednesday, 21 September 2011


one of my favourite sports game is basketball. the first time i get to know about basketball when i was in primary school watching slam dunk. i learned to play when i was form 1 in boarding school. I continued to play basketball throughout the secondary school and college life but i dont really get much chance to play. i can only play basketball when i was at school. holiday will be like harry potter where i just stay in my house missing all the games.

i havent touched basketball for almost 2 years by now. missing my friends. if only we can continue to play together like what we used to do...ah those were the days. everytime i hear slam dunk songs i will always remember my basketball friends from jasin and kmb. missing the old days


  1. salam, ey, tak maen kat dublin games nanti??

  2. wasalam nope.. x maen la aku x join pon dublin game. bbdak tcd x diajak. huhu ko maen lg ke nnti?