Wednesday, 7 September 2011

4 digit

4 digit is very popular in our country especially amongst chinese. of all the races in malaysia, chinese buy 4 digit the most. 4 digit is also known as 'nombor ekor'. 4D is very popular that small town like jasin also have magnum and toto. and those shops are already established there long before kfc come to the town.

the game is simple, buy a 4 digit ticket and you win if your number is picked. yap, with just a simple luck one might turn into a millionaire in just a night. that's why 4D is so popular. but you must have the luck or you will end up fucked up. true but that usually happens to those who spend all their money on 4D.

i remember when i was in secondary school, me and my colleagues used to play 4D games. just a simple game pick 3 4D numbers and see whose number hit the prize. we just have to take the results from newspapers. kind of similar to illegal 4D but we didnt place bet. it was only just for fun sake. nevertheless none of us hit the prize. no luck i guess ^^

recently, my friend's bike plate no hit the first prize for 4D and he was like "oh, so rugi la....." lol
people do take vehicle's plate no as 4D like those involved in accidents. btu i never believe in such.

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