Sunday, 28 October 2012

fated friday

ah what a twist of fate for this day. it's eid mubarrak on that day. lots of stuffs to be done. raya prayer, classes, renewing the garda card, feast at malaysian hall, and in the evening an open house held by classmates. th eoriginal plan was to go to class, and go to the garda office right after that. so ill be skipping all the raya prayer and the feast at malaysian hall. the open house didnt clash with any of the other events since it was in the late evening, so that's fine. but then like i said, we can only plan but things dont have to necessarily go according to your plan.  

so it started with my friends suddenly wanted to go to the garda office at 8 am instead of after class. so i set out early in hoping that i will be able to go to class on time. unfortunately the ticket for students will only be given starting from 9 oclock.  so i got the ticket and cycle back home as fast as i could to get stuffs to go to class. when i reached home it was already 20 past 9, so i decided to skip the first class and go to raya prayer since the class was already halfway through. by the time i finished the friday prayer it was half past 10.  so i came late to the 2nd class. after the 2nd class finished, i had to skip the last class since i need to go to garda back. well, it turned out that i missed my number when i arrived there. oh and they already stopped giving tickets. i asked one of the officers if i can do it since i just missed my number. the gap wasnt that big and as usual the answer will be no. so i decided to bring myself back to my home. ah what a day. going to and fro to the city but didnt get what you wanted to do. anyway, looking from the brightside, i got to do raya prayer. ^^

trinity tower with bright blue sky after rainy morning

residential area

main buildings of the college
i've been studying here for 2 years and this is the first time i take a picture of the college lol

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


the good thing about married couple is that when they show off their lovey dovey thing publicly, people dont say anything cuz theyre legally married. a license to show affection to each other without others to mock or say negative stuffs. yeah no longer ayat "ala tu blom tentu kahwin lagi tu..." instead of giving curses/mocking they will say oh shuweetnya mereka. true nobody gonna say anything if you go manja2 or gedik2 dengan partner you. actually they cant say anything.

so to my fellow friends kahwin la kalau da serius cinta tu. kang break koyak plak. sape nak jahitkan plak nanti. lol kepada mereka yang da berkahwin tu HAVE FUN

Sunday, 21 October 2012


so, i've been thinking what if an apocalypse befall upon us. i will be one of the person that will die first. when it happens even if i skillfully survive all the hurdles and manage to save my life by a hair breadth, i will run out of thyroxine and there you go a living corpse. so, ive been thinking in that situation i will be needing T4 in order to survive. get it from someone else or animal (wait, do animal have them?). dude i will become a zombie lol. not eating brain but thyroid  -.-

.... what the hell am i thinking?

Thursday, 18 October 2012


yeah clubbing pergi menari... no! im talking bout finger clubbing. it's a clinical condition. defined by increase in the soft tissue of the distal part of the fingers or toes. clubbing has many causes from different systems.

- cyanotic congenital heart disease
- infective endocarditis

- lung carcinoma
- bronchiectasis
- lung abscess
- empyema
- idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
- cystic fibrosis
- asbestosis
- hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy

- cirhossis
- inflammatory bowel disease
- coeliac disease

- thyrotoxicosis
- secondary hyperparathyroidism
- pregnancy

unilateral clubbing might be caused of bronchial arteiovenous aneurysm or axillary artery aneurysm.
clubbing can also present without any reason (idiopathic)

here's a quick way to remember some of the causes of clubbing:

Congenital heart lesion
Liver cirrhosis
Ulcerative collitis
Bronchiogenic carcinoma
Infective endocarditis
Neoplastic condition
Granulomatous disease

okay so that's the causes for clubbing. how do you check for finger clubbing? inspect the fingernails and toenails from the side to check whether there is any loss of angle between nail bed and finger (hyponychial angle). Schamroth's test is a good way to determine whether one have clubbing or not. when the distal phalanges of corresponding fingers of opposite hands are directly placed opposite each other nail to nail, a small diamond shape should appear in normal people. people with finger clubbing will lose that diamond shape. there are 5 stages of finger clubbing that shows the severity.

1 fluctuation and softening of the nail bed
2 loss of normal angle between nailbed and the fold
3 increased convexity of the nail fold
4 thickening of the whole distal finger (drumstick appearance) <- the easiest to remember
5 shiny aspect and striation of the nail and skin

clubbing is important during system examination and you dont want to forget these stuffs when youre in final med lol. a reminder to myself. hmm what else about clubbing? i guess thats all. weeeeee

credit to Dr. Walter, Mr. Wiki, and encik Talley O'Connor

Sunday, 14 October 2012


call me a grammar nazi or english nazi or whatever but this thing have been bugging me. how do you pronounce encephalopathy? en-ke-fa-lo-pa-ti NO!! its en-se-fa-lo-pa-ti seriously google it. i had an argument with my frined once. we were arguing on the pronounciation of cephalic vein. it's sefalik vain not kefalik vein. how do you say cell? sel not kel. oh well, this tiny little stuff is not worth arguing for.

so let's lisen to a song

i'm not a hindustani lover. i never watch any hindustan movie or know the artists
but why this song? cuz cali caiyya caiyya caiyya caiyya  ^^
watch Inside Man movie and you'll understand

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

abang tiger

now im abang tiger rawr!!!!

Saturday, 6 October 2012


i have this one mask. a scream mask that i bought during the last halloween. well, i just hang it up on the wall in my room as a decoration now since i dont know where to chuck this thing. well i only realize that this mask glow in the dark. so whenever im about to sleep in the middle of the night, i would switch off all the light and as soon as i close the door my room become a big box of darkness. so whenever i turn around to stare into the pitch black room i will always find a glowing mask looking at me. lol that freaked me out a bit. solution use the phone as source of light and jump onto the bed and cower beneath the warm and comforting duvet never to look into the darkness again till dawn approach. 

so one day when i was having eye contest with the glowing mask in the darkened room, i thought that why not i try to take a picture of the glowing mask just to see what it looks like in the picture. maybe something like faint eerie glowing mask in the darkness. but then i had a sudden realisation what if something else appear in the picture like you know what i mean.... or when i try to use the flash some entity appear right in fornt of me looking at me. damn that would make me go AGHHHHHGHGHGHGhh!!! 

well anyway i did take a picture in the middle of the darkness as i was already holding the camera and the result is just a plain black picture. i cant get the picture of glowing mask and luckily nothing else appeared ^^

SCream!!! hello cindy

ohyeah mitternacht means midnight in german language. a name of a song.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

third year

have a taste of medic life. the taste is exactly the same when you eat a medicine. bitter. just finished today's class. 7 hours of lectures with only 1 hour for lunch break. THIS IS MADNESS!!!  


anyway, i feel exhausted at the end of the day. maybe i should plan something for this weekend.