Sunday, 14 October 2012


call me a grammar nazi or english nazi or whatever but this thing have been bugging me. how do you pronounce encephalopathy? en-ke-fa-lo-pa-ti NO!! its en-se-fa-lo-pa-ti seriously google it. i had an argument with my frined once. we were arguing on the pronounciation of cephalic vein. it's sefalik vain not kefalik vein. how do you say cell? sel not kel. oh well, this tiny little stuff is not worth arguing for.

so let's lisen to a song

i'm not a hindustani lover. i never watch any hindustan movie or know the artists
but why this song? cuz cali caiyya caiyya caiyya caiyya  ^^
watch Inside Man movie and you'll understand


  1. hahaha. i know how that feels. been there! and it's worse when ppl laugh at you when you say the correct pronunciation. huhu

  2. hah that is even worse... being laugh for saying the correct pronounciation. i'd get really pissed off by that

  3. LJ: *pronounciation hahha XP XP
    mao: haha kau ok lagi argue dengan membe, aku argue dengan doctor aku kut, aku cakap en-se-fa-lo-pathy, dia berkali-kali betulkan aku cakap, dia tetap jugak dengan en-ke-fa-lo-pathy dia. -..-"
    tapi sebab dia doctor aku nak argue lebih lebih pun segan jugak dengan student lain.

  4. ehem, pronunciation la weh. aku dah google dah before aku post comment tu. grammar nazi sesat kau ni. kihkihkih XP

  5. ahah seriously pronunciation? aku x penah pasan lol.
    neway bulu aku ade gak argue ngan instructor aku dalam group tp last2 sume just wat x kesah. whatever janji paham bnde yang dicakapkan tu sama. xleh nak lawan lebeh2 kang kene mark time exam viva haha