Saturday, 6 October 2012


i have this one mask. a scream mask that i bought during the last halloween. well, i just hang it up on the wall in my room as a decoration now since i dont know where to chuck this thing. well i only realize that this mask glow in the dark. so whenever im about to sleep in the middle of the night, i would switch off all the light and as soon as i close the door my room become a big box of darkness. so whenever i turn around to stare into the pitch black room i will always find a glowing mask looking at me. lol that freaked me out a bit. solution use the phone as source of light and jump onto the bed and cower beneath the warm and comforting duvet never to look into the darkness again till dawn approach. 

so one day when i was having eye contest with the glowing mask in the darkened room, i thought that why not i try to take a picture of the glowing mask just to see what it looks like in the picture. maybe something like faint eerie glowing mask in the darkness. but then i had a sudden realisation what if something else appear in the picture like you know what i mean.... or when i try to use the flash some entity appear right in fornt of me looking at me. damn that would make me go AGHHHHHGHGHGHGhh!!! 

well anyway i did take a picture in the middle of the darkness as i was already holding the camera and the result is just a plain black picture. i cant get the picture of glowing mask and luckily nothing else appeared ^^

SCream!!! hello cindy

ohyeah mitternacht means midnight in german language. a name of a song.



  2. haha obviously no. i still want to live right now