Sunday, 28 October 2012

fated friday

ah what a twist of fate for this day. it's eid mubarrak on that day. lots of stuffs to be done. raya prayer, classes, renewing the garda card, feast at malaysian hall, and in the evening an open house held by classmates. th eoriginal plan was to go to class, and go to the garda office right after that. so ill be skipping all the raya prayer and the feast at malaysian hall. the open house didnt clash with any of the other events since it was in the late evening, so that's fine. but then like i said, we can only plan but things dont have to necessarily go according to your plan.  

so it started with my friends suddenly wanted to go to the garda office at 8 am instead of after class. so i set out early in hoping that i will be able to go to class on time. unfortunately the ticket for students will only be given starting from 9 oclock.  so i got the ticket and cycle back home as fast as i could to get stuffs to go to class. when i reached home it was already 20 past 9, so i decided to skip the first class and go to raya prayer since the class was already halfway through. by the time i finished the friday prayer it was half past 10.  so i came late to the 2nd class. after the 2nd class finished, i had to skip the last class since i need to go to garda back. well, it turned out that i missed my number when i arrived there. oh and they already stopped giving tickets. i asked one of the officers if i can do it since i just missed my number. the gap wasnt that big and as usual the answer will be no. so i decided to bring myself back to my home. ah what a day. going to and fro to the city but didnt get what you wanted to do. anyway, looking from the brightside, i got to do raya prayer. ^^

trinity tower with bright blue sky after rainy morning

residential area

main buildings of the college
i've been studying here for 2 years and this is the first time i take a picture of the college lol


  1. u missed all the good foods in msian hall!:)

    but then again, our plan is not the best plan afterall~

    oh and selamat hari raya aidiladha

  2. i know but what can i do... i have more pressing matter to do.
    selamat hari raya to you too...