Thursday, 17 December 2015


finishing heart of the swarm. gonna put a hold on legacy of the void first. hehe

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Starcraft II

so im going back to starcraft and yes i love it so much. the cinematic the lore and story line, but one thing i lack is the capabilities to play the game. i suck hard in playing rts but oh well im improving a lot.  started from wing of liberty and doing all the missions so far im 3 missions away from finishing wings of liberty campaign. i also tried to get the achievements as much as i can. well who doesnt like achievement? 

anyway i started playing since i cant find any let's play video of starcraft 2 that satisfy me and voila here i am playing the game myself exploring everything.

trailer for the 3rd expansion: Legacy of the Void. blizzard is so good at making cinematic i wish there can be movie from the game. but tbh between all 3 cinematic, HotS is the best


Sunday, 25 October 2015

counter strike go

so recently i just started playing cs and man im so terrible at it i died twice the total amount of my kill and assist. anyway im so used to left4dead style that i keep on trying to melee attack with right click when going too close to people. i also focus all my vision on the screen disregarding the map since l4d doesnt have map to look at. another thing that i so used to is the usage of shotgun particularly xm1014 which i use it alot in l4d. alas, it was hard to kill people with shotgun as most of them use sniper and rifles that can kill from long distance. i tend to stay in closed area so that i can get  close encounter as much as i can. pew pew pew pew pew. had fun fighting with only knife against my friend until my team kicked me out for not being helpful and died too many times

also had this moment when i tried using sniper

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

macbook problem

helped my friend with his macbook problem . the trackpad was bulging from the computer as if something is pushing out from the inside.he went to the shop and it turns out to be the battery's problem. macbook battery can sometimes expand after a period of time and it will keep on expanding as long as you keep on charging the battery. his laptop looks like a pregnant laptop tbh. both sides are bulging and he can shut his laptop properly. since asking computer shop to repair and replace the battery would be too expensive so we decided to do this by ourselves. well, hes the one spending all the money. im just enjoying tinkering with the gadgets. got few hiccups like not having proper tools to work on the computer. we bought the battery and proper screwdrivers to change the battery at to for really cheap price. we managed to destroy a screwdriver in the process of opening the laptop without the proper tools though. as of now we have removed the battery and the laptop revert back to its usual appearance but it is running without battery for now. the battery whould arrive in 1 or 2 more days.

this is the laptop's battery. see the expansion? the battery increase in height by 3 folds

this the screwdriver used to open the mac computer. a Y-shaped triwing screwdriver size #0
it is also used to open gameboy, nds, etc etc. if only i know this thing exist before hehe
anyway, im planning to keep it incase i need to use it in the future though i highly doubt that

Thursday, 15 October 2015


do you think that you're a trustworthy person? can you keep someone's secret especially when it's a juicy gossip? can people trust you to do your job or keep something? trust is not something that can be given or taken. it must be built and earned. we trust doctor to save our lives we trust the bankers to handle our money, we trust the politicians to govern the country but what about us? can people trust us to do anything? are you trustworthy enough? we have to reflect on ourselves and keep on improving ourselves in order to earn people's trust. it is not that simple to build trust but it can be shattered easily. one lie to make all the trust you built evaporate into thin air.

on the other hand what about trusting other people? are you a type of person that is quick to trust people? or are you the doubtful one? having no trust in people means that you're living alone in this world without having people that you can lean on. it's gonna be hard for yourself. on the other hand, it is good to have faith in people but you must not trust them easily as we all know naive people tend to be taken advantage of. trusting people easily is not trusting. it is called being irresponsible and can lead to jeopardizing yourself or the people around you. that's why we ask questions as much as we can and get to know people more before we trust them. trust cannot be easily given or taken. it is built.

and then there's the trust issue in relationship which can involve a whole lot of stories. you ask too much about your partner and bammm you're not giving any privacy and a control freak or a psycho. your partner might even suspect you of having Othello syndrome. you don't ask them much life get on easy but then you get to know your partner's true colours or problem and it might be too late to regret. the question of how much can you trust and how can you get your partner's trust always float around especially when you don't know what your partner is doing and vice versa. things get worse when we keep secrets or lies especially when your partner founds out and he/she can just flip over. doubt your partner too much and you'll never be able to have  a relationship but trust your partner easily you might end up being someone's 2nd wife or just a spare parts in this relationship stuffs

DIgital Math - Hop Up

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

harta karun

so regarding my last post about cleaning up the house getting rid of trashes this time its about the treasures in this house. of course with trashes come along the treasures as the saying goes some people's trash is someone's treasure. when i say treasure i mean having value. it can be useless and i will still call it trash.

anyway, theyre not as many as much as the trashes accumulated in this house but still can be considered alot. anyway we only keep small amount of items and the rest are gathered and sent to the charity shop. i dont even bother to try to get money from  selling these stuffs since theyre not mine in first place and i dont have time to sort which one to give away and which one to sell. too much hassle. if i recall correctly we gave 1 whole box of shoes to big bags of clothes including the akak2's handbag. and few more bags of stationery, containers, and kitchenware. i really enjoy getting rid of these stuffs as theyre occupying spaces and gathering dusts for nothing in the house. the charity shop workers are really happy when they see me as i bring in big bag of stuffs everytime i come to their shop.

i kept few stuffs like telekung kain semayang. got 2 of them and a shawl in my wardrobe lol. thats for the girls to pray when they comeover to my house ^^ i think there will be another trip to send clothes to the charity shop in the near future

cleaning up my closet

i moved into a new house recently....well not exactly a new house. ive stayed in this house over the summer for 2 weeks before but now m moving in as one of the occupants. so as usual when you move into a new house you want to make yourself comfortable and first thing to do is to get rid of previous occupants stuffs in other word trashes.

this house is a monster since malaysian has been living here for 8 generations or so what they said from girls and then passed down to boys and so on. imagine the trashes accumulated over 8 generations. anyway back to main story i moved into this one room and started to clean the room while the owner of the room is still staying there. cant help it the room is full of garbage and hes like living in rat nest. i threw away big trash first and ask him to sort his stuffs and to vacuum his room. i'd say 75% of the stuffs lying around in the room dont belong to him. they all belong to the previous occupants and as a result i got more than 2 really big boxes full of trashes. i even vacuumed the room again after the guy left since the floor is still dirty. took me whole day to really clean the room rearrange it to my liking. i was so exhausted by the end of the day i felt like having fever.

and then come the house part everything is messy, untidy, and repugnant that they compel me to clean the house. luckily i have my friend who is crashing the house that helped me cleaning the house. we rearrange the living room clean the dining area, kitchen, store and toilet; each of them taking a full day to be cleaned and rearranged. i always leave the rearranging part to my friend as i have no taste in artistic stuffs. all i care is functionality and that leads to lots of item being thrown away. as an example my friend cleans the kitchen (he literally scrubbed the floor like cinderella) while i sort out the ingredients putting them in proper container and labeling them.also throwing out expired or mouldy food. we call those mouldy food as project EE more or less like a science project that will be graded. mind you there are lots of project EE in this house that can get grade A even the dry pasta can get bad. the food and ingredients were not so bad since i already reorganize half of them during my 2 weeks stay over the summer so that didnt turn out that bad for me.

the horrible part are the stores area. this house has 6 stores in and outside the house. we clean them thoroughly and get rid of stuffs and rearrange as to put what in where. the storage area took us more than a day to clean them up as we go one by one. we even had a dilemma whether to throw away stuffs or not as they might be previous occupants' or they can be the landlord's. in the end we just throw away anything we dont like.

well the cleaning up part is not the annoying part though there were lots of comments and grumbling but the irksome part is getting rid of the trashes. here we cant just get rid of trashes easily as we have a system unlike in malaysia where you can just dump you trashes at certain site. here we need to put them in a trash bin and will be collected every fortnight each for genereal waste and recycling trash. so the amount of trash we can get rid of is very limited. it has been 2 months since i started living in this house and the trash bins have never bin emptythere are trashes that have been sitting in the hallway for 1 month. thank god theyre mostly recylable trash not the general waste.

as for now the last part to be cleaned up is the backyard which i will require the other occupants to clean the backyard with me. i already clean the small garden and planted some spring onions and theyre sprouting lol.

Friday, 2 October 2015

jahit lagi

this was done during summer but i only post it now. so i had free time and decided to practice sewing as the sewing kit was gathering dust in my treasure box. yeah theyre are the same thing. jahit kelim for my long pants and some old long pants i made into short pants.

one short and one long pants

this is not an injury. i covered my thumb so that i can push the needle through the fabric.

working area while watching kuch kuch hota hai.

yes i spent 3 hours sewing while watching the whole movie just to do this one pants.
it was harder and took me longer as i was learning a new sewing technique. it was harder and longer but the result is much better like the machine one ^^

i proceed to re sew my green pants since the threads were loose and they snapped. with this new sewing it will last longer. 

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


have you ever joined a massive sale event like boxing day or black Friday? you know whats the most annoying part? queuing to enter the shop or to pay the goods. its freaking long and most of the time will be spent queuing instead of looking for here come the more annoying part when people start to cut queue making the process even longer. even in normal day people cutting queue is already annoying but in event like this? that's a big no no.

what do you consider as cutting queue? it's anything that involve you joining the line in front of other people  regardless whether you have your friend/child/whatever stand in line for you. having people to queue for you is just unfair for other people behind. you come in late but you still get to finish first. now i hate this for i have experiences for being the one behind the line and queuing for someone in the line.

once i was queuing for to pay in the mall. my line is the shortest and people in front of me don't have much items with them when suddenly a group of people come joining the queue with a guy in front claiming they're together and proceed to pay for their stuffs. my line ended up being the slowest after that. as for being the one queuing for someone else i had that when i was small as i had to queue for my parents in the mall as they go get their so-called last items. it didn't bother me much at first but after several times having nothing to pay at the counter and queuing for no reason made me learn not to queue for them. if i queue for them they better come back fast or ill just leave the line. as a kid queuing alone in the line getting stares from the cashier and people behind me at the counter with nothing to pay up is really frustrating and of course embarrassing. i did let people behind me pay first and after a while i just give up.

so yeah don't cut queue. speaking of which i had a story of when I was in form 1 during my secondary school. It was my first day entering boarding school in MRSM Terendak. as someone who knows nothing i just do whatever i want. we were lining up to get our lunch in Teres Teratai(eating hall) when a group of form five students show up and go straight to the counter ignoring the queue. i nonchalantly block them from entering the counter with my tray and proceed to the front. i even gave them a stare signing them to back away. of course they were surprised and they laughed at the guy who was blocked by me. as someone with no friend on the first day i proceed to sit anywhere i like which is the nearest available table. it happened to be the form five area. the whole stretch of the table are form five and they all stared at me with disbelief as i eat and totally ignore them. all form five guys know me after that and that's how i made my name in the school. oh yeah later at night they made rules and explain to us about their territory.

this song make no sense to me but i still listen to it.

Monday, 3 August 2015

rezeki terpijak

i wasnt planning on posting anything for awhile but this need to be posted.

So, I was throwing away garbage for the house when i come across this gem on top of a big old television beside the dumpster.
the box looks new and fresh. guess what. it still has its contents because it is heavy.
my housemate was like "ala biar je xkan la orang nak buang ada bnde tu"

bluetooth gaming headset dude!!!

checked the price of this thing and it costs around $160.

heres a picture of the happy new owner of my sony headphone

so yeah i still cant believe this is happening but im enjoying it very much right now.
rezeki terpijak wehhhh. suddenly my birth date is change to today as i receive an unexpected present lol 

Thursday, 18 June 2015


so my azam for this year is not to miss even a single terawih. hehe
btw, i'm adjusting life to fasting right now. being me i always forget that im fasting and end up doing stuffs like eating or drinking or korek hidung lol. and then i only realize that im fasting after ive done them. well it's less likely for me to do that in ramadhan since everyone around me is fasting. now lets improve ourselves during this month and do more prayer. and try not to waste food when we're breaking fast. that just beat the purpose of fasting. happy ramadhan and happy fasting all

Monday, 1 June 2015

sad food

I had my saddest food 2 days ago. its chicken boiled in plain water with brown rice. the soup is the plain water. that was my lunch and dinner. i only manage to add some cheese to them but it went worse. oh well thats the only ingredients i have in the house.

i was moving to a new house and i stayed in the old house to clean it back so i have no choice but to eat whats there in the house.the past 3 days have been so exhaustingi feel like having fever last night. carrying stuffs, cleaning, scrubbing, sorting out stuffs and now i need to settle down on new house. which is a pain too. on the other hand, i manage to make a short table by using my friend's broken study table. with a lil bit of hammering voila, a mini japanese table(ye la kot) for me hehe. i use it as my computer table

Friday, 17 April 2015


tired with exam.

Jelita by Kyoto Protocol
been listening to this song repeatedly
I just like the rhythm of the song
and the video is nice.

Jangan kau hirau dan ragu yang tidak tahu cara melihatmu~

somehow my rest is defined as doing house chores. basuh baju,lipat kain, kemas dapur, kemas tandas etc etc. guess i just want to move my body without thinking about anything and yeah the house has been left bersepah for few weeks dy. exam period is the period where everything is forgiven.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

cooking procrastination

exam around the corner and here i am watching cooking vid for no reason while reading notes. damn they makes me so hungry and i have to watch out not to eat so much. btw i love the comment section for cooking vids especially when the vid involves handling animals like fish or meat. lobster vids are the best. since they usually start with live lobster and proceed to kill it. then there will be comments like OMG ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THEY DO THAT TO YOUR FAMILY? or something like I HOPE YOU GET KILLED LIKE THAT GETTING STABBED BLA BLA BLA.

i just love to see all the debates and laugh at them. sometimes it just makes me disappointed  with them. come on, dont be a pussy talking about animal cruelty and stuff like that. you kill to live and eat. what youre going to say dont kill the animal and eat them alive? thats way more cruel. and then theres the thinking what would you feel if someone do that to your family. excuse me, we dont do cannibalism, why would you roast your grandma?

mostly people that talk about animal cruelty are the vegans though. to me, the people that talk about animal slaughtering is a cruelty can never grasp the the nature. its like theyre saying all the carnivorous animals are bad and herbivores are good animals. well, it is what is being portrayed in all the cartoons where all the herbivores are cute and good guy and the carnivores are the bad guy that need to be defeated and that shapes the mind of people nowadays. screw that, there's no bad or good in killing to eat. it's all about surviving and maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.
seriously, go help the butcher in your place. learn to slaughter animals and appreciate them as food. we're not toying with them or kill them for nothing

the fish has  family too you know? it is cruel to kill it.

that gets me everytime

Thursday, 12 March 2015

apparently i cried

so i was browsing 9gag and then i saw this post

suddenly i remembered a dream from sometimes ago. i cried because my friend got married. 
guess i still like her. oh well, life must go on.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

playing catch

im supposed to talk about me killing but that can wait. so yesterday i played tag. with a BUS!!!

     everyday I commute to the hospital taking bus no 40 straight from my house to the hosp. as i finish my day and was about to go to the bus stop i realized that the bus will arrive in another 2 minutes and I'll have to wait for another 20 minutes if I miss this one. not wanting to wait in the dark cold evening with my phone battery about to go kaput, I decided to make a dash for it and ran like a wind i did to the bus stop that's just like 5 min walking-lenggang-kangkung away from me.
     so yeay i managed to reach the bus stop without panting and right on time as bus 40 approached me but then i realized that the sign on the bus showing that the destination is the city centre instead of finglass(my house is located after the city centre so i need to take the bus going to finglass) and then i recalled that Sokan told me there are 2 bus 40. deciding to give it a try I got onto the bus.
     "Sorry, does this bus goes to dorset street?" I asked as I hoped the bus driver would say yes though deep inside I knew he would say no.
     "No I only go to the city centre but that one does" he replied as another bus 40 passed us.

Turned out that the bus was right behind the one that i got on. I was left dumbfounded and the only reply I can give was "Uhhhhhhh" with my face showing more disappointment as the other bus get further away from us. The bus driver LOLed at me straight away.

      "Oh doesnt matter, we'll catch up to them at the other stop," he suggested as the bus started moving.

      I just agree with him as I'm using my unlimited buspass for the day so it didnt matter. besides, what better option can i have? after few stops the other bus 40 finally stops and I get off my bus running to catch the other bus that was right in front of me. to my disbelief, the bus just sped off as soon as i started dashing to it and as I turned to my previous bus it already started moving away from the bus stop. Damn now i lost both buses. I can just shrug as the bus driver looked at me standing at the roadside but then he was kind enough to open the door and let me get back on the bus. My heart leaped with joy as I ran back to the bus like a kid running back to his mum. oh yeah the bus driver still LOLed  at me.

    Then I decided to just get off at the city centre and I can take many other bus to go back to my house. I wanted to buy cake at nasi n mee restaurant before going back but I decided that if I can take the other bus 40 right after I get off I'll just go back home straight and it turned out that I manage to take the bus 40 that I missed after I get off my first bus. uhh no cake then.

anyway, trimas abang drebar. youre the real mvp

Sunday, 1 February 2015

close your eyes and listen

havent heard of vocaloid for quite a long time


i like this cover version by Lindsey Stirling too. i listened to this one first before I knew the original music is from the vocaloid haha

on top of that, new song from thefatrat is great gonna break my heart 
you gonna tear it apart
no matter what you do....

Saturday, 24 January 2015

morning game

let's play a game. here's the instruction.

create a shape using only 6 lines to form as much corner as you can inside the shape.
of course the easiest would be a hexagon with 6 corners inside the shape.
the pic below is a rectangle but it has 12 corners inside it.
it all started from this shape. a crossed box. i drew this on a foggy window on the bus going to the hosp early in the morning just to spend time. so then i asked can i get more corners?

so far the most i can get is 36 corners i was thinking that there is a shape with more corners but i cant draw it out because the condensation was disappearing and I'd arrived to the hospital.

another thing is that i was wondering if there's a way to do this by doing calculation not just by try and error. guess it would be the functions related stuffs as that's what you use when you are looking for the highest/lowest or increasing/decreasing value for the equation (forgot the proper name). anyway. yeah i got 36 by try and error.

the hints to get the most here is to be able to get as many intersection of the lines inside the shape formed.

pfffttt i should be memorizing notes and drugs instead of making and playing this kind off game but oh well

Monday, 19 January 2015

rusty hand

when it takes you ages just to draw this small thing.

and it's just a damn basic building shape

lol oh well I'm not gonna polish though. exam is just around the corner. ^^
you know what I'm doing...something that started with p.... 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

food wastage

there you have it. it always irk me whenever i see the last person leaving behind a small portion of food be it rice in a pot, snacks, kuih etc etc as if someone else going to eat it. we all know no one's going for the last piece and it has become some sort of unspoken rule not to take the last piece. I know there are reasons behind this action such as being polite in case someone want to eat the food. oh well, its better for you to just finish it because we all know nobody's going to eat it. that small portion is already considered as a leftover. no one eat leftover. other reason is when you don't want to be the last person so that you don't have to wash the pot or cook the new batch of rice. so you leave a small amount of food claiming someone else will be the last one even though the quantity is ridiculously low. this is just purely selfish and god i want to kick their ass whenever my friend do this. I don't know... It seems like the foods are invisible to the eyes when the amount is small.

and then there's this thing that i never get people always look at me in amaze whenever i finish my plate clean and they ask me how do i eat so clean. you just eat all the food!!!! my friend asked how i can eat chicken leaving behind just bones and not a single meat left and they claim they can never do that. oh please.... you're not even trying and you said you can never do that.

ah oh well, don't waste your food