Sunday, 25 October 2015

counter strike go

so recently i just started playing cs and man im so terrible at it i died twice the total amount of my kill and assist. anyway im so used to left4dead style that i keep on trying to melee attack with right click when going too close to people. i also focus all my vision on the screen disregarding the map since l4d doesnt have map to look at. another thing that i so used to is the usage of shotgun particularly xm1014 which i use it alot in l4d. alas, it was hard to kill people with shotgun as most of them use sniper and rifles that can kill from long distance. i tend to stay in closed area so that i can get  close encounter as much as i can. pew pew pew pew pew. had fun fighting with only knife against my friend until my team kicked me out for not being helpful and died too many times

also had this moment when i tried using sniper

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