Friday, 2 October 2015

jahit lagi

this was done during summer but i only post it now. so i had free time and decided to practice sewing as the sewing kit was gathering dust in my treasure box. yeah theyre are the same thing. jahit kelim for my long pants and some old long pants i made into short pants.

one short and one long pants

this is not an injury. i covered my thumb so that i can push the needle through the fabric.

working area while watching kuch kuch hota hai.

yes i spent 3 hours sewing while watching the whole movie just to do this one pants.
it was harder and took me longer as i was learning a new sewing technique. it was harder and longer but the result is much better like the machine one ^^

i proceed to re sew my green pants since the threads were loose and they snapped. with this new sewing it will last longer. 

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