Thursday, 15 October 2015


do you think that you're a trustworthy person? can you keep someone's secret especially when it's a juicy gossip? can people trust you to do your job or keep something? trust is not something that can be given or taken. it must be built and earned. we trust doctor to save our lives we trust the bankers to handle our money, we trust the politicians to govern the country but what about us? can people trust us to do anything? are you trustworthy enough? we have to reflect on ourselves and keep on improving ourselves in order to earn people's trust. it is not that simple to build trust but it can be shattered easily. one lie to make all the trust you built evaporate into thin air.

on the other hand what about trusting other people? are you a type of person that is quick to trust people? or are you the doubtful one? having no trust in people means that you're living alone in this world without having people that you can lean on. it's gonna be hard for yourself. on the other hand, it is good to have faith in people but you must not trust them easily as we all know naive people tend to be taken advantage of. trusting people easily is not trusting. it is called being irresponsible and can lead to jeopardizing yourself or the people around you. that's why we ask questions as much as we can and get to know people more before we trust them. trust cannot be easily given or taken. it is built.

and then there's the trust issue in relationship which can involve a whole lot of stories. you ask too much about your partner and bammm you're not giving any privacy and a control freak or a psycho. your partner might even suspect you of having Othello syndrome. you don't ask them much life get on easy but then you get to know your partner's true colours or problem and it might be too late to regret. the question of how much can you trust and how can you get your partner's trust always float around especially when you don't know what your partner is doing and vice versa. things get worse when we keep secrets or lies especially when your partner founds out and he/she can just flip over. doubt your partner too much and you'll never be able to have  a relationship but trust your partner easily you might end up being someone's 2nd wife or just a spare parts in this relationship stuffs

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  1. I believe each person/couple has their own take on this. Some people I know share nearly everything - FB passwords, debit card PIN, financial statements, everything. While some others keep their own privacy to themselves, but the other half is free to check anytime (eg hubs can go on the wife's FB/messages/phone anytime & she's okay with it). Assuming there's nothing to hide anyway. Being a big fan of privacy, I personally believe on the latter - I didn't even know A's laptop password til nearly 2 years of marriage! Every time nak guna his laptop he'd log it in sampai lah he got tired of it & asked me to actually remember his password sebab leceh, lol. Bottom line is, I don't find it necessary to pry into every single thing.

    But each to their own. As long as you know what you're doing & the boundaries. & most importantly agree on what works for you (two).


    1. tu dia kata2 dari orang yang dah berpengalaman. true in a relationship there's always give and take but trust is required in order to for that to happen