Tuesday, 13 October 2015

harta karun

so regarding my last post about cleaning up the house getting rid of trashes this time its about the treasures in this house. of course with trashes come along the treasures as the saying goes some people's trash is someone's treasure. when i say treasure i mean having value. it can be useless and i will still call it trash.

anyway, theyre not as many as much as the trashes accumulated in this house but still can be considered alot. anyway we only keep small amount of items and the rest are gathered and sent to the charity shop. i dont even bother to try to get money from  selling these stuffs since theyre not mine in first place and i dont have time to sort which one to give away and which one to sell. too much hassle. if i recall correctly we gave 1 whole box of shoes to big bags of clothes including the akak2's handbag. and few more bags of stationery, containers, and kitchenware. i really enjoy getting rid of these stuffs as theyre occupying spaces and gathering dusts for nothing in the house. the charity shop workers are really happy when they see me as i bring in big bag of stuffs everytime i come to their shop.

i kept few stuffs like telekung kain semayang. got 2 of them and a shawl in my wardrobe lol. thats for the girls to pray when they comeover to my house ^^ i think there will be another trip to send clothes to the charity shop in the near future

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