Wednesday, 21 October 2015

macbook problem

helped my friend with his macbook problem . the trackpad was bulging from the computer as if something is pushing out from the inside.he went to the shop and it turns out to be the battery's problem. macbook battery can sometimes expand after a period of time and it will keep on expanding as long as you keep on charging the battery. his laptop looks like a pregnant laptop tbh. both sides are bulging and he can shut his laptop properly. since asking computer shop to repair and replace the battery would be too expensive so we decided to do this by ourselves. well, hes the one spending all the money. im just enjoying tinkering with the gadgets. got few hiccups like not having proper tools to work on the computer. we bought the battery and proper screwdrivers to change the battery at to for really cheap price. we managed to destroy a screwdriver in the process of opening the laptop without the proper tools though. as of now we have removed the battery and the laptop revert back to its usual appearance but it is running without battery for now. the battery whould arrive in 1 or 2 more days.

this is the laptop's battery. see the expansion? the battery increase in height by 3 folds

this the screwdriver used to open the mac computer. a Y-shaped triwing screwdriver size #0
it is also used to open gameboy, nds, etc etc. if only i know this thing exist before hehe
anyway, im planning to keep it incase i need to use it in the future though i highly doubt that

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