Sunday, 27 November 2011

now off you go

and again i feel that i can never bring myself to love a girl. haha i feel sorry for my future partner. though i said that i'm searching but then... nah forget bout it. just watch for now. i have other matters that need to be done first. oh manage to draw a full coloured pic in the midst of cramming and studying. so sidetracked.
strolling ....

Friday, 25 November 2011

the road not taken

i just asked my friend about mathematics life. hmmm i wonder what would my life be if i were to choose math instead of medicine to further study. of course i will have different job but what kind of job will i take? one thing for sure i will be surrounded by numbers not facts of drugs and human... yes i decided not to take math path in my life though i like it ^^ dont ask me why

aslan or sauron? pffft

Sunday, 20 November 2011


winter is coming, no it's already winter now but no snow...... haiz..what a dissapointment especially to the freshers. they must be really looking forward to making snowman. hah, why choose ireland then? winter exam is approaching and that means reading season. nevertheless, this only apply to medic and dentistry students. oh maybe science students whatever. no time to waste. let's get absorbed reading those thick big books. for those that dont have any exam enjoy this winter . haiz so envy of you all. 

haven't drawn for quite sometime.haiz, i have no time for these stuffs right now. what can i do.... just a simple pic will do ^^ though in the process of drawing this pic I accidentally deleted another pic. haiz...

insyaallah insyaallah ^^

Thursday, 17 November 2011

pets pest

let's talk bout pets. my roomate want to have a pet in the house. a cat to be precised. i neither agree nor i go against it. i just couldnt care less as long as it doesnt get into my way. that's fine. nevertheless, i hate one thing about pet. when people spend all the efforts, money and time to take care of their pets. they just make me feel sick. you know, we feed them with good food that is more expensive and more nutritious than ours. we pet them and try to be nice when they don't even have to do anything. we feel sad when we lost them when they just leave us without any remorse.  what the hell is wrong with us? and we say that we're more intelligent than all the animals. seems like all these domestic pets are greater than their owners. i see human slaves try to please their "pet" as best as they can. come on, we're far more superior than those animals. get your head straight please. we have pets so that they can be useful to us not to make them as our master. hmmph idiots

i myself dont have feelings towards animals. what hamster, they're just rodents. rabbit? slaughter them!! the meat is delicious. having cute appearance doesnt mean that it is wrong to kill them. they are ANIMAL

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Dear facebook user

do you know the differences between like, unlike, and dislike?

seriously, go back to primary school and learn english back. ughhh

Cinta muka buku

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

do you know who is your other side? i mean the bad side of yourself. have you ever think about it? or you just say that im a good man i dont have any evil in me. hats off to you. i believe every people in this world have the good and the bad side. just like Dr jekyll and Mr hyde. it's just how you raise them. like do you let the bad side grow and become dominant or vice versa? if you were to have split personality what kind of character would your bad side have? will you become a killer? or a rapist? maybe a swindler or perhaps a robber. i know what am i gonna be if i were to let my bad side grow. i keep on thinking will i ever let it out? if so, when?

people always say that the society is full of hypocrite, that everyone is wearing mask to cover the real themselves. take off the mask you'll be free to do whatever you want good or bad doesnt matter. screw that! this is just a bullshit. people are just like that. they dont wear mask. it's because they refrain themselves from becoming wild. that's why they set up rules and morality. so that this world will not be condemned. the so called real face are just purely evil thoughts nothing more nothing less. you are who you are.