Thursday, 17 November 2011

pets pest

let's talk bout pets. my roomate want to have a pet in the house. a cat to be precised. i neither agree nor i go against it. i just couldnt care less as long as it doesnt get into my way. that's fine. nevertheless, i hate one thing about pet. when people spend all the efforts, money and time to take care of their pets. they just make me feel sick. you know, we feed them with good food that is more expensive and more nutritious than ours. we pet them and try to be nice when they don't even have to do anything. we feel sad when we lost them when they just leave us without any remorse.  what the hell is wrong with us? and we say that we're more intelligent than all the animals. seems like all these domestic pets are greater than their owners. i see human slaves try to please their "pet" as best as they can. come on, we're far more superior than those animals. get your head straight please. we have pets so that they can be useful to us not to make them as our master. hmmph idiots

i myself dont have feelings towards animals. what hamster, they're just rodents. rabbit? slaughter them!! the meat is delicious. having cute appearance doesnt mean that it is wrong to kill them. they are ANIMAL


  1. Hahahah!

    Well, you might be right.
    But I still love cats. And hamsters. And dogs. And birds. And hedgehogs. And more. But I won't spend loads on them. I got my second hamster free. Found him lost in our backyard. Yeay! We can't keep dogs, but I saved plenty of injured dogs and puppies.
    I love animals! :3

    P/s: Nice post!

  2. tqvm ^^
    how can you get a hamster in your backyard? i've never seen a wild hamster lol.yes you can still love all the animals but not to overdo it. haha

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  4. Well, it was my first time too. My dad found it. He was wild and he bit me several times at first. Took me days to really feed it from my hand and pat it. Tapi mati sudah sebab tua. Haih.

  5. firman: obviously bcoz you dont understand animal's language lol.

    charo: oowww you must really like it.

  6. Heartless lvl 99. Keep it up!

    No, I mean it.

  7. huhu i take that as a compliment