Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

do you know who is your other side? i mean the bad side of yourself. have you ever think about it? or you just say that im a good man i dont have any evil in me. hats off to you. i believe every people in this world have the good and the bad side. just like Dr jekyll and Mr hyde. it's just how you raise them. like do you let the bad side grow and become dominant or vice versa? if you were to have split personality what kind of character would your bad side have? will you become a killer? or a rapist? maybe a swindler or perhaps a robber. i know what am i gonna be if i were to let my bad side grow. i keep on thinking will i ever let it out? if so, when?

people always say that the society is full of hypocrite, that everyone is wearing mask to cover the real themselves. take off the mask you'll be free to do whatever you want good or bad doesnt matter. screw that! this is just a bullshit. people are just like that. they dont wear mask. it's because they refrain themselves from becoming wild. that's why they set up rules and morality. so that this world will not be condemned. the so called real face are just purely evil thoughts nothing more nothing less. you are who you are.


  1. yup2.. totally like it.. n ak sgt ske bce novel nih..walaupun dipakse dlu..

    slamat ari rye aidil adha mau

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  3. nope nobody need to wear mask.
    about the conversion, that's what you get when you go against the norm of the culture. hah supaya tidak dikeji dan dihina... that's just absurd