Sunday, February 28, 2010

minggu ni

ari ni da ari ahad esok da balek sekolah.... duh.... ari ni ari ahad yang malas. sume orang dok baring je cam slowpoke. malas dan panas... ah, kan best kalo dapat baring atas hammock bawah pokok rendang tgh panas-panas ni sambil minum air kelapa sejuk. tak tinggal gak dayang-dayang mengipas ditepi hahahhaha (^^)

anyway banyak bnde berlaku minggu ni cam dalam gambo tu... sape taw die paham r.... aku blaja bnde yang digunakan untuk sedut minuman tu namenye sudu... dan tahukah anda bahawa kalo nak ilangkan ngantuk minumlah ais-krim soda. bnde ni xde kat discovery channel xp makan nasi lemak di pagi hari ngan bebudak ni dah jadi keutamaan dah...

hahaha lg sekali aku bertanya "jat, ko x nak gak ke?" anyway, WAZZZUUUUUUUPPP!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010


yeay dapat cuti maulidur rasul....
bak kate boha pppapappaparty at kmb
tp x parti r ade exam minggu depan ades...

uh satu malam dota yang memenatkan aku malas nak tulis esok nak kene blaja
zatdin cam orang gile malam ni. jap goyang sane sini ngan jeritan emonya.... kn turut same menggile

pape pon.... aku berasa gembira minggu ni...

Thursday, February 18, 2010


aritu time balik cuti raye cine aku balik umah. so, jumpe r family aku
pape pon adek aku da lg tinggi dari aku...

ade satu ari time aku tgh dok goyang kaki ngan senang sambil tgk channel 705 ttibe die tanye soklan intergration kat aku. gue pon cube jawab ngan malas. tp aku tgk die leh jawab soklan intergration lg baek dari aku. peh, guess my brain btol2 da berkarat trok r.couldnt even answer a simple q. maybe it is bcoz im in holiday mood and dont want to think properly but still aku nye pale mmg berkarat.

skang sume keje da abes leh la start belajau balik kalau x nnti kene tampau plak.
ai, leceh leceh.......

Thursday, February 11, 2010


i dont know

i just cant help to smile today

huh? what am i talking?

but i just smile without knowing the reason

funny but strange
who cares
lets put a smile on that face!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


im walking on a bridge. a very long bridge in a tunnel named time. it seems like it is a never ending tunnel though. it is a dark tunnel where i walk alone trying to figure out what i was doing actually. basically i have nowhere to go and it is up to me where to go as i am the one that is building the bridge. the bridge is fragile though as it keeps n falling when apart when i past. so i have to keep on building bridges in front of me to avoid from falling down. it is a tiring job and sometimes i wish to stop building the bridge and have a rest but i just keep on doing my job as the time hasnt come yet. when i turn back, all i can see is just nothing; a pitch black space filled with nothing. the bridges that i built has fell into pieces only small portion remains waiting to be engulfed by the darkness and slowly disappear from my sight.

anyway let bygone be bygone.there are times when the bridge is very unstable and it felt like i am going to fall anytime. it makes me want to build the the bridge faster. nevertheless, the result sometimes is a more unstable bridge.sweat!!!
i wonder when i am going to reach the end of this tunnel. how am i going to end my journey? will i end it in happiness? will i? will I? maybe i can find a partner. together we can built a broader bridge. later i might train new builders and they will continue my work of building this bridge towards the end of the tunnel. i just know for sure someday,somewhere, i will stop building this bridge, my journey will come to an end as i have run out of materials and finally fall into the darkness but i maybe i will fall a smile carved on my face. who knows

Monday, February 1, 2010


trust no one and you will be safe for everyone in this world are all the same. Lies and betrayal fill this wretched world. everybody is busy satisfying each other and selfishness is the one that keep them alive. willing to do anything even if it means to kill your friends to betray your allies and to lie everyone just to fulfill your needs. trust no one but yourself and you will be safe from the lies of human.Have doubt in every words of the stranger and you will not be astray from your path.....

We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal.
(Tennessee Williams)