Tuesday, 13 October 2015

cleaning up my closet

i moved into a new house recently....well not exactly a new house. ive stayed in this house over the summer for 2 weeks before but now m moving in as one of the occupants. so as usual when you move into a new house you want to make yourself comfortable and first thing to do is to get rid of previous occupants stuffs in other word trashes.

this house is a monster since malaysian has been living here for 8 generations or so what they said from girls and then passed down to boys and so on. imagine the trashes accumulated over 8 generations. anyway back to main story i moved into this one room and started to clean the room while the owner of the room is still staying there. cant help it the room is full of garbage and hes like living in rat nest. i threw away big trash first and ask him to sort his stuffs and to vacuum his room. i'd say 75% of the stuffs lying around in the room dont belong to him. they all belong to the previous occupants and as a result i got more than 2 really big boxes full of trashes. i even vacuumed the room again after the guy left since the floor is still dirty. took me whole day to really clean the room rearrange it to my liking. i was so exhausted by the end of the day i felt like having fever.

and then come the house part everything is messy, untidy, and repugnant that they compel me to clean the house. luckily i have my friend who is crashing the house that helped me cleaning the house. we rearrange the living room clean the dining area, kitchen, store and toilet; each of them taking a full day to be cleaned and rearranged. i always leave the rearranging part to my friend as i have no taste in artistic stuffs. all i care is functionality and that leads to lots of item being thrown away. as an example my friend cleans the kitchen (he literally scrubbed the floor like cinderella) while i sort out the ingredients putting them in proper container and labeling them.also throwing out expired or mouldy food. we call those mouldy food as project EE more or less like a science project that will be graded. mind you there are lots of project EE in this house that can get grade A even the dry pasta can get bad. the food and ingredients were not so bad since i already reorganize half of them during my 2 weeks stay over the summer so that didnt turn out that bad for me.

the horrible part are the stores area. this house has 6 stores in and outside the house. we clean them thoroughly and get rid of stuffs and rearrange as to put what in where. the storage area took us more than a day to clean them up as we go one by one. we even had a dilemma whether to throw away stuffs or not as they might be previous occupants' or they can be the landlord's. in the end we just throw away anything we dont like.

well the cleaning up part is not the annoying part though there were lots of comments and grumbling but the irksome part is getting rid of the trashes. here we cant just get rid of trashes easily as we have a system unlike in malaysia where you can just dump you trashes at certain site. here we need to put them in a trash bin and will be collected every fortnight each for genereal waste and recycling trash. so the amount of trash we can get rid of is very limited. it has been 2 months since i started living in this house and the trash bins have never bin emptythere are trashes that have been sitting in the hallway for 1 month. thank god theyre mostly recylable trash not the general waste.

as for now the last part to be cleaned up is the backyard which i will require the other occupants to clean the backyard with me. i already clean the small garden and planted some spring onions and theyre sprouting lol.

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