Wednesday, 30 September 2015


have you ever joined a massive sale event like boxing day or black Friday? you know whats the most annoying part? queuing to enter the shop or to pay the goods. its freaking long and most of the time will be spent queuing instead of looking for here come the more annoying part when people start to cut queue making the process even longer. even in normal day people cutting queue is already annoying but in event like this? that's a big no no.

what do you consider as cutting queue? it's anything that involve you joining the line in front of other people  regardless whether you have your friend/child/whatever stand in line for you. having people to queue for you is just unfair for other people behind. you come in late but you still get to finish first. now i hate this for i have experiences for being the one behind the line and queuing for someone in the line.

once i was queuing for to pay in the mall. my line is the shortest and people in front of me don't have much items with them when suddenly a group of people come joining the queue with a guy in front claiming they're together and proceed to pay for their stuffs. my line ended up being the slowest after that. as for being the one queuing for someone else i had that when i was small as i had to queue for my parents in the mall as they go get their so-called last items. it didn't bother me much at first but after several times having nothing to pay at the counter and queuing for no reason made me learn not to queue for them. if i queue for them they better come back fast or ill just leave the line. as a kid queuing alone in the line getting stares from the cashier and people behind me at the counter with nothing to pay up is really frustrating and of course embarrassing. i did let people behind me pay first and after a while i just give up.

so yeah don't cut queue. speaking of which i had a story of when I was in form 1 during my secondary school. It was my first day entering boarding school in MRSM Terendak. as someone who knows nothing i just do whatever i want. we were lining up to get our lunch in Teres Teratai(eating hall) when a group of form five students show up and go straight to the counter ignoring the queue. i nonchalantly block them from entering the counter with my tray and proceed to the front. i even gave them a stare signing them to back away. of course they were surprised and they laughed at the guy who was blocked by me. as someone with no friend on the first day i proceed to sit anywhere i like which is the nearest available table. it happened to be the form five area. the whole stretch of the table are form five and they all stared at me with disbelief as i eat and totally ignore them. all form five guys know me after that and that's how i made my name in the school. oh yeah later at night they made rules and explain to us about their territory.

this song make no sense to me but i still listen to it.

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