Monday, 3 August 2015

rezeki terpijak

i wasnt planning on posting anything for awhile but this need to be posted.

So, I was throwing away garbage for the house when i come across this gem on top of a big old television beside the dumpster.
the box looks new and fresh. guess what. it still has its contents because it is heavy.
my housemate was like "ala biar je xkan la orang nak buang ada bnde tu"

bluetooth gaming headset dude!!!

checked the price of this thing and it costs around $160.

heres a picture of the happy new owner of my sony headphone

so yeah i still cant believe this is happening but im enjoying it very much right now.
rezeki terpijak wehhhh. suddenly my birth date is change to today as i receive an unexpected present lol 


  1. And aku beli sebijik headset bluetooth dengan harga RM400. Sobs.

  2. Dahsyatnya korang berdua sampai camtu.

    Don't get me wrong, wearing headsets are awesome because of the amount of quality sound you're getting but I feel the crushing pressure of headphones on my skull even during short play times.

    That, and people tend to want to talk to me and knock on my door and tell me to take the trash out everytime I put on headphones.

    1. haha i never raise the volume more than 15. so i can still hear people talking to me even when im wearing headphone. beats the purpose but i like it that way.
      your headphone probably too tight la kot kalau rasa pressure camtu