Tuesday, 17 March 2015

cooking procrastination

exam around the corner and here i am watching cooking vid for no reason while reading notes. damn they makes me so hungry and i have to watch out not to eat so much. btw i love the comment section for cooking vids especially when the vid involves handling animals like fish or meat. lobster vids are the best. since they usually start with live lobster and proceed to kill it. then there will be comments like OMG ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THEY DO THAT TO YOUR FAMILY? or something like I HOPE YOU GET KILLED LIKE THAT GETTING STABBED BLA BLA BLA.

i just love to see all the debates and laugh at them. sometimes it just makes me disappointed  with them. come on, dont be a pussy talking about animal cruelty and stuff like that. you kill to live and eat. what youre going to say dont kill the animal and eat them alive? thats way more cruel. and then theres the thinking what would you feel if someone do that to your family. excuse me, we dont do cannibalism, why would you roast your grandma?

mostly people that talk about animal cruelty are the vegans though. to me, the people that talk about animal slaughtering is a cruelty can never grasp the the nature. its like theyre saying all the carnivorous animals are bad and herbivores are good animals. well, it is what is being portrayed in all the cartoons where all the herbivores are cute and good guy and the carnivores are the bad guy that need to be defeated and that shapes the mind of people nowadays. screw that, there's no bad or good in killing to eat. it's all about surviving and maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.
seriously, go help the butcher in your place. learn to slaughter animals and appreciate them as food. we're not toying with them or kill them for nothing

the fish has  family too you know? it is cruel to kill it.

that gets me everytime

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