Wednesday, 4 February 2015

playing catch

im supposed to talk about me killing but that can wait. so yesterday i played tag. with a BUS!!!

     everyday I commute to the hospital taking bus no 40 straight from my house to the hosp. as i finish my day and was about to go to the bus stop i realized that the bus will arrive in another 2 minutes and I'll have to wait for another 20 minutes if I miss this one. not wanting to wait in the dark cold evening with my phone battery about to go kaput, I decided to make a dash for it and ran like a wind i did to the bus stop that's just like 5 min walking-lenggang-kangkung away from me.
     so yeay i managed to reach the bus stop without panting and right on time as bus 40 approached me but then i realized that the sign on the bus showing that the destination is the city centre instead of finglass(my house is located after the city centre so i need to take the bus going to finglass) and then i recalled that Sokan told me there are 2 bus 40. deciding to give it a try I got onto the bus.
     "Sorry, does this bus goes to dorset street?" I asked as I hoped the bus driver would say yes though deep inside I knew he would say no.
     "No I only go to the city centre but that one does" he replied as another bus 40 passed us.

Turned out that the bus was right behind the one that i got on. I was left dumbfounded and the only reply I can give was "Uhhhhhhh" with my face showing more disappointment as the other bus get further away from us. The bus driver LOLed at me straight away.

      "Oh doesnt matter, we'll catch up to them at the other stop," he suggested as the bus started moving.

      I just agree with him as I'm using my unlimited buspass for the day so it didnt matter. besides, what better option can i have? after few stops the other bus 40 finally stops and I get off my bus running to catch the other bus that was right in front of me. to my disbelief, the bus just sped off as soon as i started dashing to it and as I turned to my previous bus it already started moving away from the bus stop. Damn now i lost both buses. I can just shrug as the bus driver looked at me standing at the roadside but then he was kind enough to open the door and let me get back on the bus. My heart leaped with joy as I ran back to the bus like a kid running back to his mum. oh yeah the bus driver still LOLed  at me.

    Then I decided to just get off at the city centre and I can take many other bus to go back to my house. I wanted to buy cake at nasi n mee restaurant before going back but I decided that if I can take the other bus 40 right after I get off I'll just go back home straight and it turned out that I manage to take the bus 40 that I missed after I get off my first bus. uhh no cake then.

anyway, trimas abang drebar. youre the real mvp

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